REF: Primary Drive & Clutch

Aftermarket Clutch Packs

91 and Later Sportsters

Energy One

9 Kevlar friction plates, 8 steel plates plus a 15% stronger diaphragm spring. 1)
Recommended fluid type:
The use of synthetics is not recommended as they tend to cause slippage. 2)

  • Any HD petroleum based, non-synthetic, primary oil, as light weight as possible.
  • Or even a good petroleum based motor oil such as 10/40 or 20/50 in weight.
  • You can even use ATF Type F or B&M Trickshift.

Start with a friction plate and end with a friction plate. 3)
The OEM rivet plate is discarded and not used with this kit.
This kit includes 1 extra friction and steel plate to retain the OEM stack height.

Energy One BTX-11 4) Soaking the plates in oil 5)

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