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Clutch Hub / Spring Compressor Tools

4 Speed (1990 and earlier) Tools


4 Speed Clutch Hub Tools 1)
Clutch Hub Tool 2)
Two pieces of timber screwed together, some 1/4“
UNC threaded rod, 1/4” nuts and washers. It does not
have the center screw like the factory tool. Just tighten
down the nuts on the threaded rod to compress the
clutch springs. 3)
This one uses an auto harmonic balancer puller as
a center torque shaft
Clutch spring compressor 4) Clutch spring compressor 5) Clutch spring compressor 6)

5 Speed (1991-later) Tools


There are a number of ways to accomplish the compression of the Clutch Diaphragm Spring.
Some of which rely on the clutch adjusting screw (ramp assembly stud) to pull against to compress the spring.


3“ PVC cap w/ 5/16”x24 bolt or all-thread, coupler, nut and washer.
8) 9)

However, if the pressure plate is cracked / broken or the adjuster stud can't be otherwise used, below are some other ideas to compress the assembly.


Also, here is a commercial compression tool modded for use without the adjustment stud.

11) 12)

Here is some out of the box thinking with a used pressure plate placed under the commercial compression tool.
This essentially moves the pressure point over the tips of the spring instead of compressing from farther out on the spring.
So the tool now compresses the fingers first giving some initial room between the fingers and the rest of the spring body.

13) 14) 15)

16) 17) 18)



Motion Pro clutch tool dims

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