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 +====== Oil Pump Removal ======
 +Mounting bolts (to the engine): \\
 +77-97 models - (4 bolts) \\
 +98-Up - (2 bolts - front outside and rear inside) \\
 +The Allen head cap bolts have 1/​4"​x20 threads and a 3/16" socket head. \\
 +On 98-Up pumps, the front bolt can be removed / installed with a regular size Allen wrench but the rear bolt is inside the frame. \\
 +So you have to go between the frame and the engine to get to that bolt. \\
 +A regular size Allen wrench is very difficult to use as the 90° bend on the end hits the frame /engine. \\ 
 +This 3/​16"​x6"​ Allen socket makes the job a lot easier. \\
 +The Allen wrench doesn'​t have to be 6" long. This one simply gives you more room to work. \\
 +|  Oil pump removal on 98 and up models. ((photo by Hippysmack)) ​ |||