1955 KH & KHK Model Year Changes

  • Hot rodding is alive and well in the USA and in 1955 Harley Davidson is right there with the KHK. Offering “Exceptional performance, that extra tremendous acceleration and that burst of power and speed the instant you touch the throttle on the KHK for 1955.” Besides all the normal hand built KHK goodies the 55 offered mirror polished ports and cylinder heads, including the outside of the heads. The Factory advised to order yours early, as “A special model like the KHK is not produced in the normal channels of production. To get that extra horsepower takes time and loving care. The quantities, that can be produced, are rather limited and sufficient time must be allowed to fill orders. The extra net charge for this model is modest in comparison with its` extra performance and the joy it will bring to the fortunate owner.” ($68; Some quotes from a 55 sales ads.) Sounds enticing, to say the least.
    • To help transmit this fine power more reliably and to expedite transmission repair the 55 received stronger cases with a `trap door` design built in. This allowed complete overhaul of the transmission through the primary side without having to split the cases as with earlier models. This was actually a running change in 54. Better lubrication of the mainshaft right bearing is achieved by casting a pocket in the case to collect and feed oil to this bearing. Once again transmission gears are improved for strength. C-shaft third and M-shaft second are now forged from 4615 steel, an improvement over the previously employed 8617 bar stock.
    • Other changes include: Stronger right side transmission case, longer shifter retaining bolt on access door holds tighter, larger starter gear retaining nut, steel wear plate installed between kicker shaft and cases and a larger key is used on the flywheel sprocket shaft.
    • Transmission and engine specs remain the same except more fine tuning on the motor and C-shaft sprocket size went from 21 to 22 teeth.
    • Stock wheels are now 18“ with 18” by 3.50“ tires std. and larger ones optional. The C 1026 steel tubing used in previous frame construction is replaced with chrome moly for 55.
    • The frame has a slight neck angle change and for the first time re-enforced front downtubes. This was complimented with one inch shorter fork tubes resulting in one inch of increased trail. This improved handling.
    • To keep the front fender's duck tail from hitting the front Safety Guard it was simply cut off.
    • To help handle the massive torque the rear wheel hub was greatly increased in size and the rear spokes were up-graded to BigTwin size. Earlier wheels were being torn apart from the torque.
    • An oil port in the clutch cable was introduced for ease of lubricating.
    • The speedometer head size is increased for durability and accuracy. Previous speedos had short head life and bouncy action. The jewel for the pivot shaft has been increased in hardness and a spring dampener added. The entire speedo is now rubber mounted as is the internal mechanism.
    • The steering dampener is changed with a tension spring added to hold the adjustment.
    • The spark and tool box cover studs have been increased in size.
    • A re-designed Buddy Seat is offered with more padding and a Royalite cover replacing the leather one.
    • Gas tanks remain the same except the emblems now carry the HD V-`swoosh` emblems. The front fenders carry either a KH or KHK 1955 Medallion.
    • 1954 facts and figures are carried over to 55, except noted above.
    • The 1955 KHs and KHKs were available in the following colors: Brilliant Black, Aztec Brown, Atomic Blue, Glamorous Hollywood Green, Pepper Red, Anniversary Yellow and Silver or White for Police duty. As before, tanks can be ordered in one std. color and fenders another. For $10 extra you could get the Hollywood Green paint on the tank, fenders and spark coil cover and oil tank.
    • The 1955 Ks were American-made middleweights with distinct features and advantages over all similar-type motorcycles. 1)



  • Fuel System: Linkert M53A1 Carburetor 2)


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