2003 Sportster

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Example: 1HD1CJM163K201624 appears on steering head. Abbreviated VIN appears on engine crankcase - CJM3201624

Motorcycle Origin

Manufacturer/ Make

Motorcycle Displacement

Model Designation

Engine Size

Introduction Date / Special Models

VIN Check Digit

Model Year

Assembly Plant

Serial Number
Made in USAHarley Davidson1 = 901 cc & up
4 = 351-900 cc
CA = XLH 883
CE = XLH 883 Hugger
CJ = XL 883C Custom
CK = XL 883R
CA = XL1200
CG = XL 1200C Custom
CH = XL1200S Sport
P = 1200 CC ENGINE
1 = Regular
2 = Mid Year Intro Date
3 = California Models
Can be
0 - 9 or X
3 = 2003 K = Kansas City, MO
1 HD 1 CJ M 1 6 3 K 201624

Related Manuals and Documentation

Below are some suggestions for manuals for your ride.
You should have, at minimum, a Factory Service Manual (FSM) and a Factory Parts Catalog for your year model.
Note: Updated manuals sometimes correct mistakes from the original manuals and some are updated simply to add mid year intro models.

Factory Service Manuals (FSM);
The FSM will have the most accurate information, procedures and specs.
Clymer and Haynes make service manuals also for Sportsters but some of the information is in error to the factory FSMs.
And some of the information in the aftermarket manuals is vague in information or procedures but they may have more pictures.
So it is generally said you can get use from both an aftermarket manual and the factory service manuals but get the factory manual first.
Click Here to view the Factory Service Manual page in the Sportsterpedia.

Parts Catalogs;
The Parts Catalog has part numbers of course but it also has exploded parts views.
And some of the exploded views are confusing or not related to each other on the same pages.
But, all in all, the exploded views do help finding what goes where.
Most of the fasteners listed in the relevant parts catalog individual pages have thread sizes and lengths also in case you need those.
Below is a simple list of original and “latest edition parts catalogs. The in-between year books may show different part numbers for the same year model bike.
Click Here to see the Factory Parts Catalog page in the Sportsterpedia for parts catalog uses and a full list of parts catalog numbers from 1957 to present.
(complete list of other parts catalogs and supplement catalogs that pertain to each year model on the bottom of that page)
Some often acquire several year model parts catalogs and that page will help decide which ones are right for them.

Suggested Manuals:

  • Factory Service Manual (FSM):
    • Original: 2003 Sportster Models Service Manual (99484-03).
  • Factory Electrical Diagnostic Manual (EDM):
    • Original: 2002 Sportster Models Electrical Diagnostic Manual (99495-03).
  • Factory Parts Catalog:
    • Original: 2003 Sportster Models Parts Catalog (99451-03)
      • Written in 2002 and lists parts available in 2003 for 2003 models.
    • Updated Version: 2003 Sportster Models Parts Catalog (99451-03A)
  • Factory Owners Manual:
    • 2003 Sportster Owners Manual (99468-03).

Pics of Manual Covers.
Below are pics of used manual covers related to 2003 model Sportsters.
See the full list of pertinent catalogs in the links above.
Click on any pic below to enlarge:

2003 Sportster
Owners Manual (99468-03)
2003 FSM
Original Manual (99484-03)
2003 EDM (99495-03) 2003 Original
Parts Catalog (99451-03)



XLH 883


  • 2003 XLH 883

XLH 883 Custom

XLH 883 Hugger

XLH 883R

XLH 1200

XLH 1200C Custom

XLH 1200S Sport

Photo provided by XLFORUM member- sportsterdoc
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