2007 Sportster

50th Anniversary of the Sportster
This is the first year of fuel injection on a Sportster. The new Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) included front and rear O2 sensors, Throttle Position sensor, Head Temp sensors, and a fuel pump to allow for closed loop operation. This is the same ESPFI system that prior year model Dyna bikes, with minor tweaks to fit a Sportster.

There was also a special 50th Anniversary edition, limited to 2000 units1). The Nightster model was announced at the Harley-Davidson Winter Dealer Meeting, this new model marked the beginning of the blacked-out themed Sportsters2).

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Example: 1HD1CV3147K123456 appears as a decal on the right side of the steering head, on the right frame downtube and an abbreviated version is stamped in the engine left case below the 'V' in the cylinders.

Motorcycle Origin Manufacturer/ Make Motorcycle Type Model Designation Engine Type Introduction Date VIN Check Digit Model Year Assembly Plant Sequential Number
1=To be sold in US
5=To be sold outside US
HD=Harley Davidson 1 = 901 cc & up
- (Heavyweight Motorcycle)
See Models below 2=883CC
2=Mid Year
4=Cosmetic Changes
Can be
0 - 9 or X
7=2007 K = Kansas City, MO
1 HD 1 CV 3 1 4 7 K 123456
CN XL 883 Sportster 883
CP XL 883C Sportster 883 Custom
CR XL 883L Sportster 883 Low
CS XL 883R Sportster 883R
CT XL 1200C Sportster 1200 Custom
CV XL 1200R Sportster 1200 Roadster
CX XL 1200L Sportster 1200 Low
CZ XL 1200N Sportster 1200 Nightster
CY XL 50 50th Anniversary Sportster

Engine, Drivetrain, Performance


4) 883 CC 1200 CC
Number of Cylinders 2 2
Type 4-cycle, 45° V 4-cycle, 45° V
Bore 3.0005 in. (76.20 mm) 3.498 in. (88.85 mm)
Stroke 3.812 in. (96.82 mm) 3.812 in. (96.82 mm)
Piston Displacement 53.86 cu. in. (883 cc) 73.2 cu. in. (1203 cc)
Compression Ratio 8.9:1 9.7:1


5) 883 CC (Domestic) 1200 CC (Domestic) 883 CC (HDI/Japan) 1200 CC (HDI/Japan)
Engine to Transmission
Engine sprocket 34 teeth 38 teeth 34 teeth 38 teeth
Clutch sprocket 57 teeth 57 teeth 57 teeth 57 teeth
Ratio 1.676:1 1.500:1 1.676:1 1.500:1
Final Drive
Transmission to Rear Wheel
Transmission sprocket 28 teeth 29 teeth 28 teeth 30 teeth
Rear wheel sprocket 68 teeth 68 teeth 68 teeth 68 teeth
Secondary drive belt 136 teeth 137 teeth136 teeth 137 teeth
Ratio 2.429:1 2.345:1 2.429:1 2.267:1


6) 883 CC 1200 CC
Torque 51.0 ft-lbs (69.2 Nm) @ 4300 RPM 79.0 ft-lbs (107.2 Nm) @ 3500 RPM


2007 Models (VIN Model codes) 7)

XL 883 Sportster 883 (CN)

8) 9)

XL 883C Sportster 883 Custom (CP)

XL 883L Sportster (CR)

XL 883R Sportster (CS)

XL 1200C Sportster 1200 Custom (CT)

XL 1200R Sportster 1200 Roadster (CV)

XL 1200L Sportster 1200 Low (CX)

XL 50th Anniversary Sportster (CY)

The XLForum has a registry of these bikes.

50th Editions include:12)

  • Serialized nameplate on handlebar clamp
  • Gold “50th” fuel tank emblem
  • New “H” silk-screening on side covers
  • Seat embroidered
  • XL custom rear shocks

XL 1200N Sportster 1200 Nightster (CZ)

Features unique to a 1200N:13)

  • Medium Gray powder-coated engine with polished and black treatments
  • 25.3-inch solo seat height (Same as 883L)
  • Black front forks with gaiters
  • Bullet hole rear belt guard and front fender clamps
  • Black, low rise handlebar with brake and clutch levers, turn signals and air cleaner insert
  • Side-mounted license plate holder (dealer-installed rear mount option)
  • Brake and tail lights integrated with rear turn signals
  • Black-rimmed, Laced Steel wheels
  • Chrome staggered shorty slash cut dual exhaust
  • Silver Satin finish fuel cap, headlamp trim ring and oil dipstick cover

Model Year Changes

Summary of changes for MY 2007: 14)

  • Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection with O2 sensors
  • ALL 2007 models receive the “W” cams, reportedly giving the 883's 15% more torque
  • New Speedometer with clock and dual trip meters (and UK dual faced)
  • LED Indicators for high beam, oil light, turn signal indicators, and neutral light
  • Reduced-effort clutch cable (8% reduction)
  • Clutch interlock switch
  • Eliminated catalysts in exhaust
  • Many connectors are replaced with Molex connectors
  • 1“ drive belt with improved carbon fiber
  • New Smart Security System (optional)
  • 883L model lowered 25.25 in. seat height (new shocks and forks)
  • Redesigned oil pump (entire pump retrofits to earlier years, but internal parts don't interchange)
  • Intake flanges are redesigned (wider) for better access to fasteners
  • Rocker box changed (supposedly to improve sealing)
  • 32 Amp charging system (up from 22 amp)
  • Reduced effort brake lever (single caliper 11%, dual caliper 14% reduction)
  • DOT 4 brake fluid
  • Handlebar wiring lengthened by 2” to make bar swaps easier
1) , 12) , 14)
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Photos provided by Screw Loose Dan
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