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Seat Part Numbers

Below is a list of OEM seats as per the parts catalogs.
This does not include “custom” seat kits sold by the HD. The individual seats in those kits are sold without a part number.
Please reference the Seats/Backrests section on the instructions page in the Sportsterpedia for seat kits.

ModelYearSeat Part#Notes
XL883 (STD)1986-199252131-83Solo seat. Also used on 1984-1985 XLX
199352131-83ASolo seat
1994-199652129-92BSolo seat.
1997-200352129-92CSolo seat.
2004-200651532-04Solo seat.
2007-200951532-07Solo seat
XL883 Deluxe198652101-822-up seat. Also used on 1982-1985 XL883 (STD)
1987-198852101-82A2-up seat
1989-199152101-82B2-up seat
199252101-922-up seat.
199352101-92A2-up seat.
199452101-92B2-up seat
1995-199752101-92C2-up seat
XL883C1999-200352136-982-up seat (same seat as XL1200S)
200351042-03100th anniversary, 2-up seat.
HD restricted sale just to 2003 883C owners.
2004-200652608-042-up seat.
2007-200952608-072-up seat.
XL883 Hugger1987-199152129-87Solo seat
199252129-92Solo seat
199352129-92ASolo seat
1994-199652132-94Solo seat, ruffled
1997-200352132-94ASolo seat, ruffled
XL883L2005-200651550-05Solo seat.
2007-201051550-07Solo seat.
2011-201551550-11Solo seat.
2016-202051550-11ASolo seat
XL883N2009-201551532-07Solo seat
2016-202252000189Solo seat
XL883R2002-200351926-022-up seat.
2005-200651551-052-up seat.
2007-201551551-072-up seat.
XLH 11001986-198752004-84A
2-up seat.
XL1200 seat was replacement.
XLH 1200198852004-84A2-up seat.
1989-199252004-84B2-up seat
199352004-84C2-up seat
199452004-942-up seat
199552004-84E2-up seat (assembly)
199652004-84F2-up seat (assembly)
1997-2003Front 52357-97
Rear 52358-97
2-up seat set (2 piece), rear (pillow).
52004-84G includes both front and back seats (same part#s).
XL1200C1996-200352577-962-up seat, smooth cover
200351041-03100th anniversary, 2-up seat.
HD restricted sale just to 2003 1200C owners.
2004-200651530-042-up seat.
2007-201551530-072-up seat.
200851833-08105th anniversary 2-up seat.
HD restricted sale just to 2008 1200C owners.
201352000070Anniversary seat
HD restricted sale just to 2013 1200C Anv owners.
2016-2020520001852-up seat
XL1200C Int201052608-072-up seat. Same as XL883C
International model only.
XL1200CA2013-201551530-072-up seat.
2016520001852-up seat
XL1200CB2013-201551530-072-up seat.
2016-2017520001852-up seat
XL1200CP2011-201551550-11Solo seat, same as 883L
51530-072-up seat, same as XL1200C
201651550-11ASolo seat, same as XL883L
2016520001852-up seat, same as 1200C
XL1200CX2016-2020520002332-up seat.
XL1200L2007-201151706-072-up seat.
200851835-08105th anniversary 2-up seat.
HD restricted sale just to 2008 1200L owners.
XL1200N2007-201251899-07Solo seat
XL1200NS2018-202152000428Solo seat.
XL1200R2004-200651558-042-up seat.
200751558-072-up seat.
2008-200951558-082-up seat.
XL1200S1996-199752102-962-up seat.
1998-200352136-982-up seat
XL50 (1200)200751795-072-up seat.
XL1200T2015-202052000156Solo seat.
XL1200V2013-201551911-10Solo seat.
201652000187Solo seat
XL1200X2011-201551911-10Solo seat.
2016-202252000188Solo seat
XL1200X-ANX201852000346Solo seat
XL1200XS2018-202052000188Solo seat
XR12002009-2010Front 51382-08
Rear 51383-08
2-up seat (2 pieces)
XR1200X2010-2013Front 51382-08
Rear 51383-08
2-up seat (2 pieces)

Seat Pics

2007-2012 XL1200N Seat

Solo Seat Part#: (51899-07)

Click on a pic to enlarge. 1)

2011-2015 XL200X, XL1200V Seat

Solo Seat Part# (51911-10).

Click on a pic to enlarge: 2)


Sub Documents

04-Up battery cover clips

Year Model
Clip Position and Part#
2004-2006[1] front (70416-04)[1] rear (70417-04)
2007-2008[1] front (70416-04A)[1] rear (70417-04A)
2009 except XR1200[2] front and rear (70417-04B)
2009-2013 XR1200 / XR1200X[2] front and rear (1149-1A) grommet
2010-2016 except XR1200[2] front and rear (70417-04C)
2017 up[2] front and rear (70417-04E) 3)

Battery cover clip (70416-04).

Battery cover clips (70417-04C).
5) 6) 7)

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