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Pics and Information on Evo Sportster Rocker Boxes

Cast Numbers and Date Coding

Click Here to reference part numbers for the different rocker boxes (includes casting numbers).
Click Here to reference Casting Numbers Explained in the Misc section of the Sportsterpedia.
You'll notice several cast-in numbers/letters/symbols on the different pieces of each full rocker box set.

Casting Number:
The number cast into the different rocker box sections IS NOT the part number.
It has the -xx year code on the end but that number denotes the certain features that were cast into that certain piece.
Even though the casting number is the same for many different boxes, the outside finish may have changed for different sections of the box assembly.
(along with the list part number)
It's the part number listed in the respective parts catalogs that differentiate the finish for the respective model motor intended.

Year Code:
The year code is a circle with the last two digits of the year in the center and 12 “pie slices” cast around the year code.
Some of the “pie slices” will have a dot cast into it. Count the number of slices that have dots in them to find the month the part was made.
I.E., in the middle section below there is a circle that has 8 slices dotted and a “94” cast into the center representing August of 1994 production date.
Then look at the other corner of that same side which also has a circle cast into it.
There are 6 “pie slices” around the number “4”.
So it appears this middle rocker box was made in August of 1994.
The 4 in the day chart may be a control number as 8-4-1994 was actually on a Thursday (Monday seems to be marked in the pic below).

Date codes on 1994 Sportster middle rocker box spacer 1) Casting# on 2004-2005 Sportster lower rocker box 2)

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