EVO: Suspension - Sub-02A

1200S Shocks on a 08 1200N

Article by sportytrace of the XLFORUM 1)

The thread pattern on the standard shock bolts do not match the thread pattern on the TMW lowering blocks so you'll have to replace them.
Plus, the detachable rack does not make contact with the piggyback either.
Shocks and lowering blocks installed 2)

Ride Report:
I sent an email to XLXR entitled “OMG!!!” which pretty much sums up the world of difference these shocks make from the stock shock. He replied “Can I say I told you so….” And yes, he did tell me so, and yes, he was dead right. As a reminder I'm 5'3“ in my boots and 140lbs. I've been for a couple of rides since installing and have been adjusting a bit as I go. At the moment I'm 2 clicks from none on the preload to get the rider sag; 6 clicks from hard on rebound and 3 clicks from hard on compression. That was nicely suited to the twisty mountain run I did this morning. Yesterday I was three clicks softer on both for a freeway run and the bridge joins were hardly noticeable. No problems at speed. And the kickstand didn't scrape anything, not even the speed bump.

  • How do they compare to the 300mm (almost 12”) Hagons?
    • Simply put they cope better with the bigger bumps and in particular, the hollows. The bike sags more under me, so the potholes / depressions in the road are much smoother, less topping out. The ride is not as firm to start with so I'm not feeling the small stuff at all. The Hagons themselves were better than standard; these are better again.
  • So is there a down side?
    • I struggle to get her off the side stand. I wish my legs went to my armpits, but they don't So being stubby (as Kev is known to remark) I can't get much in the way of leverage through my knees/legs, so it is a real heft to get her upright.
    • Does anyone know if the Euro nightsters came with the same stand? Or if there is another stand in the parts manual that will fit and work better at this height (not fully 13.25“ and still lowered in the front)?
    • The other downside is I'm now permanently on my toes; so I'm not as stable backing her up. I can get enough toe grip and leverage to back up on the flat, just not with the same stability I had before when I had a full foot hold. I won't be able to touch with both feet with an airhawk on the stock seat.
    • And if you like the low/slammed look, well I don't really have that look anymore. But in this instance I'm taking function over form.
    • The higher ground clearance increases the lean angle when the bike is on the kickstand.

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