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1973-L1974 Rear Fender Reinforcement Bracket

  • Beginning with late production XL and XLCH models during March of 1974, a spot-welded reinforcement section has been added underneath the fender at the license plate bracket mounting holes. This was done to strengthen that area on the fender where the security system alarm is mounted to protect against cracking of the mounting holes in the fender. 1)
  • A bolt on version was made available for Early 1974 Sportster models as a replacement on models that had already left the factory before this upgrade was done. It was recommended that the dealer install the bolt on version on all 1973 and 1974 models that were equipped with the security system.
  • The bracket (59770-73A) had to be modified at the dealership to fit Sportster models where the bracket (59714-74) for FX and FXE models were a bolt and go. The Sportster bracket was made with tabs on the ends that had to be cut off with a hacksaw to allow for the tail light wiring. 2)

Pics of the bracket (uncut):
3) 4)

HD Service Bulletin #661 dated April 15, 1974
HD Instruction sheet for Part #59770-73A, 59770-74 orig 3-74
3) , 4)
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