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Bench Testing an Ironhead Solenoid


Three tests to bench test the solenoid, text and video2)

To test the pull-in coil:

  1. Insert a deep socket part way into solenoid.
  2. Connect battery -ve to the large short stud of the solenoid (normal output to starter motor).
  3. Momentarily apply +12 volt jumper wire to the small terminal of the solenoid (normally from the starter relay).
  4. The socket should pull in.
    Leave it pulled in to test the hold-in coil.

To test the hold-in coil:

  1. Move the battery -ve jumper from the large short stud to the solenoid case.
  2. Apply +12 volts to the small terminal and leave it connected.
  3. Try to pull the socket out of the solenoid.
    The hold-in coil should resist your effort to pull the socket out while +12 volts is applied to the small terminal.
  4. Remove the +12 volts from the small terminal.
    The socket should slide easily back out of the solenoid.

To load test the high-current contact plate of the solenoid:
A headlight bulb works well for this.

  1. Jumper from batt +ve to to +ve of light.
  2. Jumper from large long stud to -ve of light.
  3. Jumper from batt -ve to large short stud.
  4. Manually push in the plunger.
    The bulb should light up.

And here is the YouTube video: Bench Test Solenoid from IronHead Sportster

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