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Aftermarket Fuel Tanks

Spare Fuel Tanks / Containers

You can buy a pair of 1.5 liter camping gas bottles that you can fit in the saddlebags when on a road trip to give a little insurance against running dry. 1)
Only problem with the bottles is the small neck size that makes filling from a gas pump difficult and messy.

Below is a 1975 Honda CT90 auxiliary gas tank. 2) \\
It holds 2.3 liters (.6 gallons), has a nice large opening for filling from a pump.
It also has a flexible hose and cap for emptying the gas into the bike's tank.
It's About the size of a canteen and fully designed for gas storage.
These tanks can command a hefty price on Ebay due to their rarity in good condition.
However, if you know someone who has an old CT90 in their shed, maybe you could borrow/buy the little gas tanks.

1975 Honda CT-90 auxillary gas tank. 3)

Fuel Tank Parts and Mods

Petcock (Fuel Outlet)

When removing a factory vacuum operated petcock and swapping to a non-vacuum one, run a new (fresh) vacuum line from the carburetor to the Voes or Map Sensor (respective to year model) and discard the “tee” fitting. It will be cleaner to not use the “T”. 4)

Here's an XLForum thread showing several aftermarket petcocks:

Golan Petcock

Golan brass petcock. With the nut screwed all the way down, it's
1-5/16“ from the top of the nut to the
bottom of the petcock. From the bottom of the nut it's 7/8”.5)
Golan petcock installed 6)

Pingel Petcock

The EFI petcock has both an inlet for the fuel pressure regulator return line and a 5/16“ outlet.
(but no strainer or reserve/shutoff valve for the EFI system)

5/16” with vacuum shutoff (Left), 5/16“ EFI (Right) 7)

86-03 Tank Mount Mod

You can use slices of 5/16” or 3/8“ ID rubber oil or fuel line to create to insulate the fuel tank from the frame in absence of the stock rubber grommets.


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