REF: Body Parts - Sub-30A

Slaved Forwards with Mids

Article by The Crusher of the XLFORUM 1)

  • This mod uses standard mid controls and slaved forward controls and was made using Drag Specialties forwards.
  • Either set will work in tandem (smoothly and cleanly) as they should for both braking and shifting.
  • You can use the forwards for comfort on long rides and the mids for the twisties with the forwards folded up.
  • You can also use the passenger pegs on the mids for about an inch wider foot stance.
  • Two things to watch for:
    1. The angle of the hole you drill in your shifter. Set up the front first then mark, drill and tap it.
    2. Use a minimum of grade 5 bolt through the heim joint into the shifter since you DO NOT want that bolt to bend.
  • Shift side (L):
A hole drilled and tapped in the bottom of the stock shift lever with a grade 5 bolt and a sleeve through the Heim joint. 2)
  • Brake side (R):
A two hole bracket was fabricated to connect the forward control brake rod to the stock brake plunger.
The two holes were drilled and tapped for the brake rods 3)

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