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Lowering the Detachable Windshield

Fabricating a Bracket

This was made from a standard aluminium strip from the local aluminum supplier (50 mm wide, thickness 4.3 mm / 11/64 in) cut to shape with a brushed finish.

Finshed product: 1)

Fitting stages: 2)

Re-locating the Bottom Clamp

Finished product: 3)

Process stages: 4)

  • Remove the brackets and tie a string between the clamp holes to get the center line and keep the clamped angle the same.
  • Tape the area to be drilled to help keep from chipping the outside edges while drilling.
  • This one was drilled 1-1/4“ up in a drill press.
  • Be sure to leave enough meat between the hole O.D. and the edge for strength.
  • Use the same process and measurements on both sides first.
    • You may find that the factory holes are not quite in the same place on both brackets.
    • You may also find that your exact (matched) measurements would end with the new hole being closer to the edge than the other bracket. So, you'll have to improvise a little.
    • If the new holes aren't perfectly drilled to match on both sides, it'll still work.
    • It will probably be barely noticeable if at all.
  • Use a punch to set the center of the hole for the bit.
  • Pre-drill the hole with a smaller bits in steps up to the final drill size.
    • This will help keep from burning the bits up while drilling thru the stainless steel bracket.
    • Heat will build quickly so use plenty of cutting oil to keep the bits cooler.
    • If it starts smoking, stop and go back to a smaller bit and then step back up to the final one.

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