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2005 XL Model Wire Harness Elbow: 1)
If you remove the RH wire harness elbow (73205-05), it is recommended to install washer (6859M) on the mounting bolt when reinstalling the elbow.
This is to prevent future damage to the elbow’s mounting hole.
This washer was installed in production as of February 27, 2005.

Mud Flaps

Article by Zoharo of the XLFORUM 2)

Pic by Zoharo;
The flap is a synthetic rubber as sold as a mud-flap for trucks. The bike uses about 1/2 of one truck flap. As a synthetic, it is much easier to carve than rubber, and will last longer than leather. Best tool to use, if an inexperienced carver, is a V-tool, a carving tool for wood, rather than a detail blade. Xerox a downsized logo, attach to flap with rubber cement (removes easily), and cut along the lines of the picture, through the copy and into the rubber. Keep your other hand out of the way in case you slip. It makes for one hell of a cut in your hand if you lose control. Wiggle it along instead of forcing it.

3) 4) 5)

There is an aluminum brace on the inside of the fender. It is “key” to maintaining the shape like the fender as the flap extends downward.
The inner view shows the piece of aluminum bar stock bent to the shape of the inside of the rear fender.
It's clamped and drilled, and attached using small stove bolts.
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