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Flag Holders

To accommodate a 3 x 5 flag:

This holder is made with cast iron pipe fittings mounted to a plate and bolted to the luggage rack. 1)

dave's criteria for a flag holder: 2)

  1. Must accommodate a 3×5 flag.
  2. Must be very sturdy (for freeway riding).
  3. Must accommodate 2up riding.
  4. Must accommodate my “T-bag”.
  5. Must have movable attachment points (in case replacement flag has grommets in a different location).
  6. Must mount close to vertical (it flies and looks better).
  7. Must look reasonably good.
  8. Must be instantly removable (so I can stand in a flag line).
  9. Must be tall enough to hold in a flag line.
  10. Must not require any modification (e.g., drilling holes) to bike.

The flag pole fits into a “scabbard” on the bike so it can be easily pulled out (with a tiny bungee cord as a safety to make sure the wind won't pull it out).
The flag pole is 1“ PVC, with a 3/4” wooden dowel inside.
The scabbard is 1-1/4“ PVC (1” PVC fits nicely inside it), and is a little over 6' tall (or taller if desired).
The flag is attached to a couple of split rings which are attached to a pair of homemade brackets. The brackets are held in place with stainless steel hose clamps (which are obviously movable).
The scabbard is supported by a 1“ PVC pipe tee (which slides over the passenger footpeg) at the bottom, and by a homemade clamp at the top, which attaches to the sissy bar.
The flag flies almost vertical with the use of another PVC tee below the homemade clamp.
Painted black, everything pretty much disappears on the bike.
It's important to paint the PVC if it is exposed to sunlight. The UV will cause the PVC to become brittle, if you don't.

The bracket is just a short piece of small angle iron with a slot cut in it using a drill and then a dremel tool.
You can then slide the “tongue” of a stainless steel worm clamp through the slot.
Drill a small hole in the angle iron.
A split ring goes into that hole and then into the grommet hole of the flag.
This arrangement allows you to move the clamps up and down to accommodate the potentially different grommet locations of a replacement flag.
You may also be able to loop the split ring into the stainless steel worm clamp, and avoid fabricating the bracket.

This one is made from plywood attached to both sides of the back rest with a store bought holder attached. 3)

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