REF: Carburetor, Intake Manifold & Exhaust - Sub-03A

Replacing S&S Intake Manifold Seals on an 88 Model Engine

Article by biknut of the XLFORUM 1)

First thing to do is remove the seat and gas tank. If you really want to play it safe unhook the battery positive cable.
Next, remove the air cleaner cover, and filter element to reveal the air cleaner backing plate.

Unhook the vacuum line to the VOES.

A Bonhaus driver was used below to remove the Allen head bolts on the top side of the intake manifold flange.
This is nothing more than a ball end Allen wrench. Use a 1/2“ wrench to loosen the 2 bolts on the bottom side of the intake manifold flange.
(the small box end wrench was slipped over the Allen wrench for extra leverage) 2)

With all 4 of the intake manifold bolts are removed, then remove the 2 bolts that hold the air cleaner back plate to the heads. 3)

Now you should be able to remove the entire intake manifold, carb, back plate assembly.
The throttle cable was left on below since the carb will not be serviced here but just the manifold seals.
Applying some grease to the seals prior to installation will help keep down air leaks later. 4)

Install the seals. Don't forget to clean where the seal fits to the head. 5)

Before installing the intake assembly, make sure the flanges are turned the correct way.
Notice one side of the flange has slots instead of bolt holes. Position the slots so that they're aiming down and forward.
As you push the intake assembly into position, make sure the slots in the flange engage the studs on the bottom of the intake ports.

It's helpful if you can get some longer than normal bolts to screw into the heads and air cleaner back plate to hold the assembly in place.
(while you're installing the nuts and bolts on the manifold flanges)

If you've got big hands, it's helpful to use a magnet to help install the Allen bolts in the flanges. 6)

Now tighten the 4 intake manifold bolts. Basically you tighten the bolts till the flanges bottom out to the heads. Torque spec is 6-10 ft lbs.
In other words, not all that tight.

Last thing is to install the correct spacers between the air cleaner back plate and the heads, and then tighten the back plate down.
Torque to 10-12 ft lbs.

Put the gas tank and seat back on. Don't forget about the battery if you unhooked it, and install the air filter element and cover. 7)

Now it's time to ride.


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