REF: Electrical System - Sub-03A

Battery Vent Tube

Hose clamp

  • In mid December of 1983, motorcycles shipped from York were fitted with a battery hose clamp (10067) due to a number of plastic vent hoses coming off the battery hose nipple. Also, as P&A batteries were received from the vendor, a clamp was included with the hose. Clamps were sent to each dealer to install on motorcycles for before delivery and during servicing. 1)
    • During hose clamp installation, remove the hose from the battery, cut the flared bell end (leave the portion with the pressure relief slits), clean the nipple area with a rolled up cloth or a thin rod wrapped with cloth, clean & dry the nipple area, install the tube and use pliers to squeeze and expand the clamp around the tube and over the nipple. Rotate the tangs as far as possible toward the back of the nipple to keep the tangs from catching on clothing. Route the hose end (without pinching it) towards the ground and away from tires, exhaust, chain or any moving parts.


HD Service Bulletin #M-873 dated December9, 1983
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