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W Cams - '04-later version used in '91-'03 Engines

'W' Cams were stock on the 1998-2003 Sport model only. They were also stock on the 1200 engine models from 2004-2006 (not the 883s). Then they became stock on all models from 2007-later.

Thanks to Aaron Wilson of Hammer Performance for the many contributions to the


The #2 cam on the left is machined for the timing cup and therefore will work in 91-03 bikes. The #2 cam on the right can only be used in 04+ (crank trigger) bikes, unless someone does the machining.

Even though they went to crank trigger in '04, they continued to ship the bikes with cams that were machined for the timing cup, for awhile. So there are W cams from 04+ bikes floating around out there that can be used in 91-03 models. Always check to be sure. 3)

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