REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-01T

DIY Front Left Motor Mount

This top engine mount is made out of 4mm steel starting with a cardboard template sized, shaped and drilled. 1)

A breaker tool was fabricated in a hydraulic press to make 22.5° degree bends on each lug for the mount.
The position for the 90° bend was marked off.
Having this bend at the correct angle and position is crucial.
Otherwise the piece would have to be discarded to start all over again.
It has to match up to the frame without distorting upon torque. 2)

The mount was placed over a small vise (with the jaws opened and the edges rounded to help the bending process of the mount material).
After bending, the mount is test fitted for a flush fit to the frame. 3)

Then two gussets were fabricated using the above method of bending and then welded to the mount on both sides. 4)

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