REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-05B

Converting to Filtered Vents out of the Air Cleaner

Breather Vent Bypass in SE A/C

Crankcase vented to atmosphere, while keeping the Screamin Eagle air cleaner.

  • Parts:
    • 1/4“ fuel hose
    • 1/4” vacuum nipple
    • 1/4“ vacuum tee
    • 1/4” vacuum elbow

If you look at the base of the air cleaner there is a lug molded on the right side.
A 7/16“ hole was drilled through the lug.
The 1/4” hose has to be forced through the 7/16“ hole creating a tight seal.
The 1/4” hose was run to the bottom of the bike and zip tied out of the way.
The Screamin Eagle air cleaner uses the rubber elbows to direct the crankcase gases into the carb.
These were cut in the straight section and connected the hoses there.
The rubber pieces on the breather bolts are part of the Screamin Eagle air cleaner kit, part number 63520-04.
Other parts can be bought at local auto parts stores. 1)

Breather Vent Bypass in SE A/C

This is a SEII air box with new breathers.

  • Tools and materials:
    • Drill with 5/16“ bit
    • 2 - breather filters (NAPA part# 6988 or Purolator part# B13153)
    • JB Weld
    • Plastic tubing 5/16” I.D. and about 1/2“ long

Total cost: app. 6 bucks.

The plugged off hole in the backing plate were drilled out.
Both holes were drilled and JB Weld was used to fasten the 1/2” plastic tubing and form the barrel.
Left to cure and later paint. 2)

The breathers are placed into the barrels.
You may have to remove some more material to ensure a snug fit in the barrel.
There is a lip on the breather housing tube that should be removed also. 3)

Drag Specialties Breather Location Kit (07-UP)

The DS kit is in the right pic below plus gasket maker (not necessary) and Loctite.
Breather bolts.
Banjo fittings and fiber washers.

There are 3 holes for mounting the A/C & carb.
One on each head / one centered to the intake. 4)
Drag Specialties relocation kit. 5)
Bracket and breather bolts installed. 6)Hoses run down under the intake. 7)NRHS backing plate hiding the assembly. 8)

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