REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-05H

Fitting a Breather Horseshoe Tube to a Stock Ham Cam A/C

This mod allows you to use the stock ham can while also routing the breather vents out of the air cleaner. 1)


Measure thickness of the 2 washers and banjo fitting.
Mark the difference needed to meet the backing plate and cut spacers to that length.
Put the OEM breather bolts through A/C baseplace with the spacers on.
Work out where the breather hole should be and drill a hole through the side for oil routing to the horseshoe tube.
The side holes in the bolts should be indexed so that, when they're tightened, the holes are vertical.
This will send the air from the heads into the tube with least resistance.
Torque the assembly, mark the top of the bolt and remove.
Use this mark to drill a top to bottom hole in the bolts.

3) 4) 5)

The hole in the OEM breather bolts should already be the right pre-drill size for M8 threads.
Run an M8x15 tap into the holes to install M8 bolts to block off the OEM holes.
Attach the backing plate, run the vent hose where you want it and install the filter.

6) 7) 8)

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