REF: General-MSR 45

Twisting Metal

An oxygen acetylene torch is normally used to heat up metal for bending.
However, a MAP gas torch, gloves, a vice, and an adjustable wrench will do.
Take all safety precautions before beginning. 1)

Start with some square stock. Mount it in a vise and pre-size an adjustable wrench to the bar so you can grab it without wasting time and letting the metal cool. 2)

When heating the metal, it's important to get the stock glowing (not just red but glowing red hot).
Leave the torch in one spot until it starts to get red then bleed it out slowly so you have about an 1“ to 1-1/2” of good red glow.

While it's still glowing, put your wrench on it and turn the metal just like your turning a bolt.
Do this as straight as possible.
If it bends a little, not a big deal just take it out of the vice, flip it around and straighten out it out. 3)

The first bend below twisted OK but the rod bent some.
After straightening it out, put it back in your vice and heat it up and bend it again. 4)

You can experiment with it, bend one it way then the other, do half turns, quarter turns, or full turns to make any design you want. 5)

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