REF: General-MSR 50

Removing Adhesive Stickers, Emblems, Reflectors etc.

This tip came from HD Tech Tip #36 dated October 1993 for removing 90th Anniversary tank emblems.
But the process may work for many other applications.

  • Apply 3M general purpose adhesive remover to surrounding foam and adhesive backing. Allow to soak.
  • Carefully apply heat directly onto the 3-D nameplate with hair dryer or heat gun.
  • Avoid excess heat which will damage the painted surface underneath.
  • Using plastic, wood or a rubber tool, carefully pry between the fuel tank and the nameplate and lift the nameplate from the tank.
  • The pulling and prying will damage and destroy the nameplate itself, but the heat will soften the foam adhesive enough to permit easier removal.
  • All remaining adhesive can be removed using additional 3M remover.
  • A slight back and forth motion directly on the foam will ball material up for easier removal.
  • You can also use heavy dental floss after applying the adhesive remover to “saw” the emblem free of the tank. 1)

HD Tech Tip #37 dated December 1993
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