REF: Oiling & Lubrication

Engine and Primary Oil System Modifications

General statements on modifications of OEM components:
Generally speaking, all modifications to the factory oiling / engine breathing system should be done at your own risk. 1)
The liability concern is due to somebody installing something wrong or if they lost oil pressure (or suffered engine damage).
Companies don't want to take that risk concerning mods.
That's why most won't sell 'kits' for most of these mods.
Modding factory components is usually done entirely at the users discretion.

Stock road bikes were designed to operate within lawful limits.
That said, there shouldn't be a problem riding your bike within the limits it was designed for.
But, this is a Sportster isn't it? Performance upgrades are usually considered mandatory to Sportster owners.
Just keep in mind that sometimes mods are necessary due to other non-factory changes made to the engine.
Sometimes they are not, however, and prove to be more harm than good,
Best advice is to check with your supplier / engine builder for any side affects of and / or accommodations needed due to any performance upgrades.

The mods below are intended to show to what lengths other owners have gone to solve their certain issues.
They are shown as what others have done to their own bikes only!
Before attempting any of the mods below, make sure you know WHY you are attempting them before installation proceeds.
The Sportster engine is simple and yet complex.
A change to one part of the oiling / pressure system can bring on consequential issues to another part of the oiling pressure system.

To be clear:
If you're not experiencing issues with your oiling / pressure system, there is no reason to install any of these mods.
Being proactive here means monitoring your individual issues and reacting accordingly.


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