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Painting - Gun Coatings

Using KG Industries Stock Kote

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These were done with KG Industries Stock Kote 1201S Air Cure Satin Black.
This stuff is a one part no bake water based coating made for painting gun parts that cannot be baked at high temperature.
The paint is easy to apply, cleans up with cold water and the whole project only used about 2oz. of paint.
KG claims this paint is pretty much impervious to heat, abrasion and all kinds of solvents.

Following directions, the paint was applied in six to seven very light coats with a paint gun at 35 psi.
The hair dryer was used to keep the parts warm in between coats.

The parts to be painted were sanded smooth and sandblasted with StarBlast at 30psi then cleaned and de-greased with acetone.
The manufacturer says the parts need to be heated to between 110°F- 120°F.
The problem is some ovens don't go that low.
So this box was made up with a plastic bag, grill thermometer and a hair dryer.
The hair dryer was turned on high until it reached the desired temp then switched to low speed to maintain temp.
(for ten minutes or so to heat the aluminum all the way through)

If the parts are warm it tacks up almost instantly.
It goes on pretty thin (first three coats were light enough to still see metal through them.
Later, the parts were warmed the hair dryer, sprayed using an airbrush then dried with the hair dryer.
As for dust, just keep the parts on clean paper and the dryer close to the part.

The process. 1)
The finished products. 2)

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