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ECampbell Story

I gotta share my experience from a few weeks ago, while travelling from east ky to central ohio.

I stopped at a rest area just after entering ohio. I noticed an old bike sitting a couple spaces from me, grabbed the camera and got out to get a few shots. A '47 Indian, all original, wearing its fresh from the barn patina, flat tread tires, stickers on the bags and a little rust in the right places. When I got to the back, it was tagged in florida, but I thought a local had just bought it.

Then the whitebeard comes walking toward me in leathers looking at least as old as me (58). He said he bought the bike in 96 in baskets, build it and has rode it ever since.

He was from Daytona Beach and was headed for northern ohio to a bike show, flat track race that is held annually and he rides the Indian there yearly. (When i looked it up, this is a 1100 mile trip one way!)

I guess he was early 70s. I told him I had family in Daytona and when I got down that way I would look him up. He started the old Indian and rode away making some beautiful noises.

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to get away to daytona to visit family and while I was there I thought I would try to find this hero of the roads. After an hour or so I located the house, walked up and knocked on the door and there he was. It took a couple minutes to get him to remember our 1st meeting, then it clicked in, his hand comes out and he says come on in.

His living room was his man cave with Indian books and manuals all around and a large assortment of Indian parts scattered around.

This entire experience was so great it is just hard to describe. It is hard for me to even imagine a rider at his age riding a bike that old 1100 miles one way (yearly) and then he told me he had only been home a week or so. After the bike show, he had rode to see friends on his way home so he had actually been out on the road over 2 weeks before making it back home.


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