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IH: Carburetor, Intake Manifold & Exhaust Systems - Sub-01A

Linkert Carb Identification

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E65 uses DC-12. L65 uses DC-6. 1)

Here's the early 1957 DC-1 Linkert without idle airbleed.
It can be spotted by the short brass tube on the side of the body while later versions have a taller tube.
It also has a fitting to connect to the idle air passage hole visible in the picture above the short tube.
Other identifiers for 57 are no patent dates on the float bowl with a 90° elbow fuel inlet and no idle air bleed. mrmom9r of the XLFORUM

Linkert DC Pics

Linkert DC-11 3) Linkert DC-11 4)
Linkert DC-11 5) Linkert DC-11 6)

Linkert DC Mods

Linkage modified for usage with “snap” throttle 7)
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