REF: Electrical System

Lights - Headlights - Bulbs, Mods, Relocating

Relocating the stock headlight to the lower tree.

The stock headlight is flipped upside down and bolted to the lower tree from the bottom using the existing housing mounting notch.
A new hole was drilled in the (now) back for the wires to exit. 1)
The front wheel was removed to drill a 1/4“ hole in the lower tree.

The bottom of the mount was tapped for a 1/4” bolt to run through the tree.
The bolt going through both mount halves is 1/2“.
The spacer between the mount and the tree is made from scrap material. 2)

The 2 piece mounts were welded together with a mig welder using flux core wire.
Here are some drawings of the mounting bracket (dimensions not to scale). 3)

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