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Gauge Mods / Relocating


Headlight Eyebrow Mounted Gauges

The Zena Mod

This is a relatively easy mod to raise the height of your instruments (when using taller risers).
Otherwise, the gauges end up being too tall.
The gauges are removed from the handlebar mount and bolted to the headlight eyebrow using deep chrome sockets.
Cost is under #10. Done carefully, it looks like a factory install.

  • Parts required:
    • (2) - chrome 8mm deep sockets (may be able to use other sizes)
    • (4) - stainless steel washers
    • (2) - 3“ stainless steel allen bolts,
      (same diameter as stock but longer to fit sockets accordingly. 3” bolts used below).
  • Note: This mod should work without a hitch on the 883 std and 1200R.
    • In some instances, folks have reported that the spacing between the holes on the gauge mount
      did not line up perfectly with the holes on the eyebrow.
    • Most were able to quickly remedy the problem with a dremel or other comparable tool.
    • The mod will not work on stock 1200/883 Custom models without additional modification.
Relocating gauges 2)

Variation of the Zena Mod

Before. 3)
After. 4)
Removed upper bar clamp bolts
with a 1/4“ Allen wrench. 5)
OEM Handlebar spacers (5736). 6)Added blue Loctite to the handlebar bolts. 7)
Re-installed the bolts without speedo bracket. 8)Removed the eyebrow bolts with a 1/2” socket. 9)Replaced the OEM bolts with 1/4“x3-1/2” allen head
cap bolts. 10)
1/2“ O.D.x1/4” I.D. sleeves slid over the bolts with washers under the head.
Sleeves go between the eyebrow and the gauge housing. 11)

Other Pics of this Mod

Done on a 2001 1200S.
1/2“x1-3/4” threaded rod couplers painted them black with 3-1/2“ grade 8 bolts. 12)
Done on an 89 883. 13)

Riser Mounted Gauges

The ReddTigger Mod

Speedo Mount for pullback risers.
The biggest frustration is the angle of the stock mount that's used to mount onto the original handlebar clamp.

  • Parts (total of about $20):
    • 2 chrome socket head screws.
    • 2 chrome acorn nuts.
    • 2 chrome washers.
    • 2 chrome cable clamps for 1” (or whatever size your risers are).
    • 2 small pieces of tubing.
  • Place the tubing in the cable end of the clamp.
  • Attach clamp to riser as shown below.
  • Attach speedo using stock bracket (or any of your choice).
  • Insert socket head screws w/ washers through stock bracket into hose in clamp.
  • Secure with acorn nuts.
    (the white stuff around the riser is some white electrical tape to prevent scratching) 14)
A bungie cord across the bolts holds a water bottle in the middle 15)
Here's what it looks like with a tach added. 16)

Other Pics of the Mod

Riser mounted cable clamps installed on the risers for guage mounts 17)
Gauges mounted 18)

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