REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-05F

Installing a Buell Rocker Box / Breather System on an Evo Sportster

Buell XB rocker boxes. 1)

In the pics below, Buell rocker boxes were installed on a 1200R with XB heads using the Buell style rocker box PCV valves. The OEM breathers were removed.
The rocker mounted PCVs replace the OEM breather / umbrella valves.
The vent lines off the PCVs were tied together, ran thru a catch can and to the rear of the bike.

Both PCV valves are connected to a ‘Y’ connector that runs along the frame under the tank. 2) The tube
comes down into a catch can that can be emptied when it gets too much oil in it. On a long hard ride the
catch can will clean its self out.

The tube from the catch can runs up under the fender and exits at the rear on the left side of the bike.
When the bike is on the jiffy stand the hose is way over the side.
If some oil drips from the end, it’s not near the tire and there is no oily mist spraying over all the bike while riding.

Oil from catch can on left side under fender. 3)

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