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'91-later Alternative Clutch Pack Using XR1200 Parts

This discussion regards using some of the clutch parts found in the XR1200 model in place of the stock XL model design. This XR parts usage was initially explored due to some issues that occur after the XL Spring Plate is replaced with an aftermarket 'Extra Plate Kit' or when adding 2 stock steels & a friction. Sometimes those alternatives will 1) have an abrupt grabbing (lurching) on clutch engagement and/or 2) produce an unpleasant squeel. Using the XR parts instead of the XL Spring Plate is said to eliminate those issues.

The XLForum threads related to this alternative are (Thanks to Bluto for pioneering this alternative):

Here's the pictures Bluto posted of the parts:

In both designs, the clutch pack is a combination of friction plates and steel plates that are sandwiched together between the base of the clutch hub and the pressure plate. In the stock XL design, there are 8 friction plates, 6 steel plates & one spring plate (see below).

The XR1200 model was offered between 2008 & 2013. The clutch design in this model uses springs built into the clutch hub along with a bevelled spring plate (known as a Judder Plate) to absorb clutch engagement forces. The XL models also use a spring plate, but it consists of two metal plates that are connected with spring leafs that are riveted in place. This XL spring plate, especially in the rubbermount models, has failed quite often by the rivets sheering. Most often, the clutch basket is scarred. This requires careful filing to remove the raised areas on the damaged clutch basket so that the friction & steel plates can move back and forth smoothly.

The XR1200 clutch basket is not a drop in replacement for the XL design but the Judder Plate portion of that design will fit into the stock XL basket. In this implementation, the XL spring plate, subject to many failures, is removed. In this XL alternative configuration, there is the Judder Plate plus 8 friction plates and 8 steel plates.

The components that make up the Judder Plate design are a 'narrow' friction plate, a bevelled spring plate and a spring seat plate. The inner diameter of the friction plate is larger than a normal friction plate (thus making its radial thickness 'narrow'). Both the spring & spring seat (which have the same smaller outside diameter) fit inside the diameter of the 'narrow' friction plate. This makes the combined components equivalent to one friction plate.

These components are placed in this order in the bottom of the clutch hub (first pieces to be installed) - Narrow Friction Plate, Spring Seat and Bevelled Spring Plate. Next is placed a Steel Plate, followed in succession by a Friction then Steel Plate until all plates are installed.

As regards the bevelled spring, the inside diameter should sit closer to the Hub Base and the outside diameter should sit closer to the Pressure Plate.

(Note: This configuration is a new experiment - implement it as you see fit. Additional notes will be added as more experiences are related on the XLForum regarding the success.)

XR Parts to Replace Stock XL Spring Plate
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
37894-02 Judder Spring
37895-02 Judder Spring Seat
37897-02 Friction Clutch Plate - Narrow

Extra Steel Plates (2ea)
37913-90 Steel Clutch Plate

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