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Brake Pedal Mods

Custom trap style brake pedal

Custom trap style brake pedal. 1)

The brake pedal has to be removed for cutting and shaping.
First, to cut the OEM 'arm' off with an angle grinder.
Then to shape it flat on top and the right side and drill & tap a hole to install the “Trap” Style pedal.

The existing pedal was cut off with an angle grinder. 2)
Brake arm sanded smooth on top and the side. 3)
Pedal fitted to mark the hole location. The hole was drilled with a 17/64“ bit, and then threaded with a 5/16”-24 tap.
(same bolt that comes with the Trap Shift Peg, or the same thread as used on the shifter)
This hole could have been drilled straight through with a nut on the end of the bolt but this way looks cleaner. 4)
This could be powder coated with the removal of the bushing in the brake arm.
This is how much was original cut off. 5)Final fit to match edges if needed. 6)Bolted, painted and ready to go. 7)

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