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Foot Controls


It is very difficult to find forward controls for 79-on IronHeads. 1)
Whatever you get they must mount between the front exhaust and the case, not in front of the front exhaust.
It is unlikely that you would find some specific for your model.
You will most likely have to get something and modify them.

See also Foot Controls, Pegs, Kickstand in the REF section of the Sportsterpedia for foot control and peg mods.

Forwards on a 1974 XLH 2)

Shift Lever

1957-1974 shifter shafts had no splines. 3)

Non splined levers:
The levers are designed to slip to protect the transmission. 4)
On early Ks the shaft is splined, but the early transmissions broke a lot and in some cases as a result of down force on the shift lever.
The smooth shaft that allows the lever to slip is supposedly one the fixes Harley implemented to address that problem.

If you have slippage on a non splined shift lever, you can get a needle from a U joint, mic it and get a drill bit that size. 5)
Then put the lever in the position you want, drill a hole horizontally, not vertically, insert the pin and tighten the bolt.

You can also drill and tap for machine set screw vertical or horizontal. 6)

There's no drilling / tapping required if you used a cutting wheel on a 4“” angle grinder to make the horizontal gap in the lever wider. 7)
This allows the bolt to compress the area around the shifter shaft tighter.

Foot Pedals and Parts



Passenger Peg Brackets

  • 1952-1956 K Models and 1957-1978 Sportsters:
    Early Sportsters used a round one piece metal bracket to mount the passenger pegs for use with the Buddy Seats.
    The first version (52702-59) doesn't show up in the parts books until the -60 supplement catalog even though it sold for use on 1952-1959 models also.
    The part number was superseded (52702-59A) in the 1970 parts catalog.
    It attaches to the bottom rear motor mounts.
  • 1979 Sportsters:
    The passenger peg bracket changed to a round straight bar with the pegs having a male end and a female end.
    The pegs install to the bracket with a bolt thru the assembly and a spring washer between the peg and receiver end of the bracket.
    It attaches to the bottom rear motor mounts.
  • 1980-1981 Sportsters: The passenger peg bracket changed back to a bent bar attached at the bottom rear motor mounts.

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