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Here's a link to an XLForum Thread where Decman (XLF member) provides a link to a Utube video named 'Throttle Cable Solder Repair Tool'. In that thread, Bluto (XLF member) posted a page from Flanders (M/C parts) regarding the repair of or building a cable and terminating the end with a soldered on barrel.

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In another DIY project, XLForum member 'Lehel' makes a new Barrel for the broken Clutch Cable and solders it in place: In this day of throwaway parts, DIY projects are personally satisfying and sometimes keep an historic part in operation, besides being inexpensive. In some places, it's the only option.

Lehel writes: 'You are blessed with parts sources, out there. I am in East Europe.'1) His description is like this (slightly edited):

I'll make a nipple/barrel from a bolt to fit into the clutch lever. Drill a small hole (just larger than the cable) and then drill a larger cavity around that small hole.

Today I've lost patience searching for fancy stuff (epoxies, etc.). Each wire of the cable end is turned back 180° and pulled back into the barrel. It locked itself in place. I have mounted like this into the lever on the bar. It worked great, not moving at all. Then I soldered. This way, I'm not dependig on the bond of the materials to give me confidence that it will last.

Note: The smaller hole in the barrel must be slightly bigger than the cable diameter. This will allow the tips of the bent strands to be caught in the hole. Pull on the barrel with all the tips inserted, then it must be tapped all the way in until it sits flush with the barrel. Solder will just secure the strands in place.

The cable cannot pull back thru the barrel.

pics by XLForum member 'lehel'
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