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KraftTech Forwards w / Evo Shift Arm on a 1978 XLH

Article by IronMick of the XLFORUM 1)

Shift side notes:
I tried to improve the operation by repositioning the footpeg a little lower.
This did not work as there is not enough space for the motorcycle boot with the mod.

The important change is the use of the Evo shift lever.
The thru bolt, unlike the one for the IronHead lever, actually goes thru the groove in the shift shaft.
So the lever cannot come off [except in the unlikely event that the bolt actually comes out].
This obviates the necessity to tighten the bolt until you strip the threads.
Or use other techniques such as cramming in some shim stock (works reasonably well) or an O-ring (usually breaks during install).

In addition, this lever has a better shape so that it more rotates the shift shaft rather than pulling at it somewhat.
And it is thicker so that you can more easily drill the 5/16“ hole.
The Evo shift arm was drilled, trimmed for installation.

Brake side notes:
Note the new position for the brake peg, and the new hole higher up on the rear lever.
The brake peg is a long shifter peg according to the catalog at the indie.
You can also see the bracket made to allow installation of a 1980 to 2003 Cycle Shack front slip-fit muffler.

You want the controls to fit behind the exhaust on the right side and match on the left. 2)
Move them to the front of the exhaust and you have a long leg stretch and other problems like the dreaded Daniel Boone forwards are noted for.

Left side hookups:
A small piece of shim stock was added to keep from having to tighten the thru bolt so much.
(not visible in first pic below)
The second pic is just for comparison.

Right side hookups:

Pedal ends: 3)

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