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Gallery of Foot Pegs / Shifters / Heel-Toe


You can grind the ridges off the pedal, drill a hole and bolt on a BT cover. 1)
This gives you the option to match your HD shifter with it.

BT Pedal Covers. 2)

Heel / Toe Shifters

Rock-It Shift

For 2004-Up Sportsters with factory forward controls. 3) 4)
Features and Specs:

  • CNC made in the USA from 6061 billet aluminum.
  • Replaces stock Shifter.
  • Hand polished to a mirror finish.
  • Includes shift peg adjuster link.
  • Enables shifting up or down without lifting your foot.
  • Makes shifting easier faster and smoother.
  • Any shift pegs that fit HD will fit the Rock-It Shift.
  • Straight bolt-on installation with included instructions.


BQuazy Heel-Toe Shifter

The BQuazy logo is engraved on most of them. However, they be purchased without the logo upon request. 6)

Made is USA, the design was a need for someone who has drop foot. 7)
With which they were unable to lift their toe in a normal shifting motion.
It can be caused by nerve damage in the knee area. 8)
This heel toe shifter allows them to shift without causing pain and discomfort by allowing them to shift in a downwards motion.
Making it so everyone can ride comfortably is a excellent idea.

BQuazy heel-toe shifter for 86-03 models (this one without logo). 9)
BQuazy heel-toe shifter for 04 an Up models. (this one without logo) 10)
BQuazy heel-toe shifter for 04 an Up models.
(this one with logo) 11)
BQuazy heel-toe shifter for 04 an Up models.
(this one black with logo) 12)
Prototype for 86-03 models. 13)
Prototype for 04 and Up models. 14)

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