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Kickstand Mods

Kickstand Riser

This mod was devised by AussieGazza after lowering the shocks on a standard 2000 XLH and having to lean the a long way to the right to put the jiffy stand down.
The OEM kickstand was replaced with a Hugger (advertised 1“ shorter than stock).
This aluminum round stock was cut down on a lathe as an extension.
Worked on concrete, asphalt, dirt and grass (did sink in slightly on the grass, but no problem).

A wedged nut on the bottom holds it to the Jiffy stand. 1)

Here's a used hockey puck bolted to the stand.


Kickstand Extension


This one started out with a hole drilled into the end of the stand by the P.O. 4)
When looking to modify the jiffy stand with the aftermarket kits they all say “Except Hugger”.
That's true IF you follow the directions. Here's what was done to take the original owner's mod a step further.

The kits want you to drill near the shaft/foot of the Jiffy Stand. If you try to attach from there with a Hugger the stand will not completely retract.
However, if you drill/attach through the foot, you can install it to retract and be completely out of the way.
There is no clearance issues and it sits in there pretty tight.
Without the original hole drilled, you could purchase the extender and tape it to several different spots to find the “perfect” placement.
6) 7) 8)

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