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Fuel Lines and Modifications

Copper Fuel Lines

Copper oil and gas lines 1)

Custom Bends Using Copper Tubing

When changing to a different petcock or fuel tank, sometimes the lines are difficult to route and still keep the kinks out.
It also may be difficult to keep the rubber lines away from the hot engine.
Straight copper tubing can be used.
But this idea will cover up the copper and keep the black tubing look with the advantage of strength in the bends.
This was done using 1/4“ copper tubing.

  • Simply cut a few short pieces of copper. 2)
    • Make the initial lengths too long so the bender has plenty of tubing to bite on for making the radius.
  • Then use a tubing bender to make the bends you need.
  • After bending, cut the radius down to make a short enough bend so you can thread a rubber hose over it.
    • Note: Be sure to de-burr the ends and file / sand them smooth before inserting them in the rubber hose.
    • When cutting copper, the ends will most likely have a lip left over that'll need to be filed or sanded off.
    • You can also use steel wool on the outside of the copper tubing to make the whole bend smooth for insertion.
  • Any lips or uneven edges can eventually rub a hole in the hose so it needs to be smooth.
  • The tubing should stop at least an inch or so before each connection to allow the hose clamps enough room.
  • After inserting the bends in the hose, cut the ends to length and install as usual.

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