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AMP/Tyco Mate-N-Lok Terminals
HD Part#Part DescriptionAMP/Tyco Part#
AMP/Tyco Mate-N-Lock Connector Housings
HD Part#Part DescriptionAMP/Tyco Part#Part Description
72043-71Pin housing 1-way1-480349-0Receptacle
72044-71Socket housing 1-way1-480350-0Plug
72034-71Pin housing 2-way1-480318-0Receptacle
72035-71Socket housing 2-way1-480319-0Plug
72036-71Pin housing 3 way1-480303-0Receptacle
72040-71Socket housing 3-way1-480305-0Plug
70292-89Pin housing 4-way1-480424-0Receptacle
70291-89Socket housing 4-way1-480426-0Plug
72037-71Pin housing 6-way1-480270-0Socket
72041-71Socket housing 6-way1-480340-0Plug
70287-81Pin housing 8-way1-480283-0Receptacle
70288-81Socket housing 8-way1-480345-0Plug
70293-87Pin housing 10-way1-480285-0Receptacle
70305-90Socket housing 10-way1-480339-0Plug
72278-74Pin housing 12 way1-480287-0Receptacle
72276-74Socket housing 12 way1-480288-0Plug
AMP/Tyco Multilock Terminals (pins are flat and 1.8mm wide)
HD Part#Part DescriptionAMP/Tyco Part#
AMP/Tyco Multilock Connector Housings
HD Part#Part DescriptionAMP/Tyco Part#Part Description
73102-96BKPin housing 2-way174460-2Receptacle
73152-96BKSocket housing 2-way174463-2Plug
73103-96BKPin housing 3-way174928-2 Receptacle
73153-96BKSocket housing 3-way174921-2Plug
73104-96BKPin housing 4-way174929-2Receptacle
73154-96BKSocket housing 4-way174922-2Plug
73106-96BKPin housing 6-way174930-2Receptacle
73156-96BKSocket housing 6-way174923-2Plug
73108-96BKPin housing 8-way174931-2Receptacle
73158-96BKSocket housing 8-way173850-2Plug
73110-96BKPin housing 10 way174932-2Receptacle
73160-96BKSocket housing 10 way174465-2Plug
AMP/Tyco Mini Multilock Terminals (pins are flat and 1mm wide)
HD Part#Part DescriptionAMP/Tyco Part#
AMP/Tyco Mini Multilock Connector Housings
HD Part#Part DescriptionAMP/Tyco Part#Part Description
72902-01BKPin housing 2-way174057-2Receptacle
72912-01BKSocket housing 2-way174056-2Plug
72904-01BKPin housing 4-way174967-2Receptacle
72914-01BKSocket housing 4-way174966-2Plug


Deutsch Terminals
HD Part#Part DescriptionDeutsch Part#Part Description
72693-06Pin1060-16-0122U-barrel crimp
72192-98 Pin0460-202-16141Radial crimp
72694-06Socket1062-16-0122U-barrel crimp
72193-98Socket0462-201-16141Radial crimp
72195-94Seal pin114017
Deutsch Pin Removal Tool
DT-RT1Radial crimp pins can are difficult to crimp
without special tools but can be easily soldered.
Deutsch Connector Housing (black series)
HD Part#Part DescriptionDeutsch Part#Part Description
72102-94BKPin housing 2-wayDT04-2P-E005Receptacle
72112-94BKSocket housing 2-wayDT06-2S-EP06Plug
72103-94BKPin housing 3-wayDT04-3P-E005Receptacle
72113-94BKSocket housing 3-wayDT06-3S-EP06Plug
72104-94BKPin housing 4-wayDT04-4P-E005Receptacle
72114-94BKSocket housing 4-wayDT06-4S-EP06Plug
72106-94BKPin housing 6-wayDT04-6P-E005Receptacle
72116-94BKSocket housing 6-wayDT06-6S-EP06Plug
72108-94BKPin housing 8-wayDT04-08PA-E005Receptacle
72118-94BKSocket housing 8-wayDT06-08SA-EP08Plug
72109-94BKPin housing 12-wayDT04-12PA-E005Receptacle
72119-94BKSocket housing 12-wayDT06-12SA-EP08Plug
Deutsch Connector Housing (glack series)
HD Part#Part DescriptionDeutsch Part#Part Description
72122-94GYPin Housing 2-wayDT04-2P Receptacle
72132-94GYSocket housing 2-wayDT06-2SPlug
72123-94GYPin Housing 3-wayDT04-3PReceptacle
72133-94GYSocket housing 3-wayDT06-3S Plug
72124-94GYPin Housing 4-wayDT04-4PReceptacle
72134-94GYSocket housing 4-wayDT06-4SPlug
72126-94GYPin housing 6-wayDT04-6PReceptacle
72136-94GYSocket housing 6-wayDT06-6SPlug
72128-94GYPin Housing 8-wayDT04-08PAReceptacle
72138-94GYSocket housing 8-wayDT06-08SAPlug
72129-94GYPin Housing 12-wayDT04-12PAReceptacle
72139-94GYSocket housing 12-wayDT06-12SAPlug


Molex MX150 Terminals
HD Part#Part DescriptionMolex Part#Further Information
72168-07Socket33012-2002To suit 18-20g wire
72272-07Socket33012-2001To suit 16g wire
72169-07Pin33000-0002To suit 16g wire
72473-07Seal pin34345-0001
Molex MX150 Housings
HD Part#Part DescriptionMolex Part#Part Description
72512-07BKPin housing 3-way33471-0301Receptacle, Black
72511-07BKSocket housing 3-way33481-0301Plug, Black
72514-07GYPin housing 3-way33471-0302Receptacle, Grey
72513-07GYSocket housing 3-way33481-0302Plug, Grey
72542-07BNPin housing 3-way33471-0303Receptacle, Brown
72541-07BNSocket housing 3-way33481-0303Plug, Brown
72540-07GNPin housing 3-way33471-0304Receptacle, Green
72534-07GNSocket housing 3-way33481-0304Plug, Green
72177-07BKPin housing 4-way33472-0401Receptacle, Black
72175-07BKSocket housing 4-way33482-0401Plug, Black
72444-07GYPin housing 4-way33472-0402Receptacle, Grey
72414-07BKPin housing 6-way33472-0601Receptacle, Black
72188-07BKSocket housing 6-way33482-0601Plug, Black
72479-07BKPin housing 8-way33472-0801Receptacle, Black
72478-07BKSocket housing 8-way33482-0801Plug, Black
72469-07GYPin housing 8-way33472-0802Receptacle, Grey
72447-07GYSocket housing 8-way33482-0802Plug, Grey
72487-07BKPin housing 12-way33472-1201Receptacle, Black
72488-07BKSocket housing 12-way33482-1201Plug, Black
72489-07GYPin housing 12-way33472-1202Receptacle, Grey
72490-07GYSocket housing 12-way33482-1203Plug, Grey
72166-07BKPin housing 16-way33472-1601Receptacle, Black
72167-07BKSocket housing 16-way33482-1601Plug, Black
72491-07GYPin housing 16-way33472-1602Receptacle, Grey
72492-07GYSocket housing 16-way33482-1602Plug, Grey
72500-07BKPin housing 20-way33472-2001Receptacle, Black

JAE Electronics

JAE MX19 Terminals (Harley CAN BUS)
HD Part#Part DescriptionJAE Part#
JAE MX19 Housings
HD Part#Part DescriptionJAE Part#Part Description
72906-11Socket housing 2-wayMX19002S51Plug
72905-11Pin housing 2-wayMX19002P51 Receptacle
72908-11Socket Housing 4-wayMX19004S51Plug
72907-11Pin housing 4-wayMX19004P51Receptacle


Part DescriptionHD Part#Amp Part#Delphi Part#Bosch Part#
Amp TerminalsPin, 282465-1,
1.5mm wide
O2 Sensor Connector72007-05282080-1
Female connector. Mating part 282104-1 Male
Active Exhaust
Sensor Connector
Mating part 282107-1, Plug
Speed Sensor
Coil, Fuel Pump,
Idle Speed
Sensor Connector
Throttle Position
Sensor Connector
MAP Sensor
Fuel Injector
Socket Housing


EV1, 2 pin
Note: 72326-95 also used in some Harley fuse boxes as a
socket for mini fuses along with 72434-00
(AMP.Tyco part number 282189-2)
Fuel Injector
Connector (06-up)
Intake Air Temp
Sensor Connector

Ring and Spade Terminal Sizing

Ring Terminals
Hd Part#GaugeFitsHd Part#GaugeFits
982616-20g5/16“ stud72254-9414-16g1/4” stud
984012-14g#10 stud (0.190“)72525-0112-14g3/8” stud
(serated form)
985616-22g#6 stud (0.138“)72532-02 3/8” stud
985716-22g#10 stud (0.190“)6920053612-14g
985816-20g1/4” stud
985916-22g5/16“ stud
986016-22g3/8” stud
986116-22gslotted to fit
#10 (0.190“)
986214-16g#10 stud (0.190”)
986314-16g1/4“ stud
986414-16g5/16” stud
986610-12g#10 stud (0.190“)
986810-12g5/16 stud
987114-16g#6 stud (0.138”)
990214-16g#10 stud (0.190“)
992614-16g5/16” stud
994510-12g5/16“ stud
Spade Terminals
Hd Part#GaugeDescription
987516-22g5/16” female blade
990416-20g1/8“ female blade
9930 3/16” female blade
993116-20g3/16“ female blade
9914 1/4” female blade
991814-16g1/4“ female blade
9907 1/4” female blade, insulated
9901 5/32“ female flag
992516-18g1/4” female flag
9852 1/4“ male 45 degree
9898 1/4” female flag insulated
(used on horn)
71774-77 flag insulator
70584-69 flag insulator

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers
Hd Part#TypeAmpStandard part#s
(old, new)
Bussmann eqv part#s
74589-73Stud15AMC-CBR3, BR29CBC15
74599-77Stud30AMC-CBR2, BR33CBC30
74600-94Stud50AMC-CBR1, BR31CBC50
74600-97Stud40AMC-CBR7, BR36CBC40
74586-70Stud30AXX-XXXX, XXXXCBC30B
(has mounting tags)
74587-94Blade15 AmpXX-XXXX, BR32XXXXX

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