REF: Engine Mechanicals - Sub-01G

Cam Bushing Removal

  • You can buy different brands but this is basically a slide hammer with an expandable collet.
Blind Hole Bearing Puller (Harbor Freight model) 1)
Decrease the width of the collet 2) Install it into and behind the bushing 3) Tighten the nuts to expand the collet 4)
Hold outward pressure on the handle. Then yank the bushings out by knocking the slide against the handle end of the tool 5)
The collet isn't wide enough to damage the case on
the way out 6)
However, the chamfer inside the collet will damage
the bushing (L). Compare to new bushing on the right. 7)

1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 6) , 7)
photo by Hippysmack
photos by Hippysmack
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