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Cleaning Solutions

Carburetor Cleaner

Carburetor cleaner is not just for cleaning carbs and their parts.
A gallon of carburetor cleaner is very useful in cleaning most any parts, bolts and other metals and soaking stuck gaskets.
There is a metal bucket with a handle inside so you can put in small parts and remove them with the handle easily without loosing any.
Insert small parts, bolts, wrenches or whatever you need to clean, close the lid and let them soak.
Later, open the lid, remove the small bucket inside by the handle, set the bucket on the ground and wash the parts cleaner off with a water hose.
Let them air dry and most, if not all of the grease/grime should be gone.
You may have to re-soak heavy grimed parts or use a wire brush to break grime hardened areas before soaking again.

For soaking stuck gaskets between mated parts to loosen them,
Depending on how old or how 'stuck' the parts are, soaking for a couple hours may help to separate the old gasket in between.
Make sure to remove any rubber or plastic parts before soaking.
Also check the label for safety precautions.
Parts that have been sitting for years may have to be soaked for about 24 hours or more.

These pistons below were soaked for app. 5 days rinsing each night to remove carbon on top. 1)
This oil pump soaked overnite to loosen the body to cover gasket. 2)

This oil pump had to be soaked overnite before the cover would separate from the body.
Keep in mind, any rubber parts on the inside will have to be replaced before installation.

After soaking, rinse the body, take it apart and rinse the insides and parts. 3)

Spray-on Brake Cleaner

  • Your favorite brand of brake cleaner can be used to clean a host of bike parts. Just be careful not to get it on rubber and wiring.

Master Cylinder & Brake Parts

  • Denatured alcohol or brake fluid. Only use brake fluid that is specific to your application.
  • Do not contaminate it with mineral oil or solvents.

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