REF: General-MSR 41

Installing an Engine

Easy Method of Installing a Motor

  • This method can also be used to remove the engine from the frame. 1)
  1. Find an old carpet and some wood blocks and lay the motor on the right side (carb side) on the carpet and wedge blocks in the voids. 2)
  2. Then carefully lay the frame over the motor (frame without front end and swing arm is much lighter than the motor). Although, it is harder to get the swingarm back on with the motor installed.3)
  3. Use wood blocks on frame also to line your mounting holes up. 4)
  4. Loosely secure motor mounts (remember DON'T TIGHTEN YET) 5)
  5. You can put a couple screws here to hold it “temporary” but they will need to be off or really loose to put the swingarm on. 6)
  6. Once it's secure, stand up the frame and then bolt on the swingarm. 7)
  • Rear motor mounts should be tightened FIRST!!!! Before any others. 8)
  • This can be done with Ironheads or Evos with just the lower end or with a full assembly 9)10)
  • An old foam cushion with some 5' 2×4's with shims for pivots for adjustments to adjust the motor to get the bolts in will also work. 11)
  • Add some rags around the connecting rods and pistons to stop them from rattling around and getting nicked, and to keep crud out of the bottom end while wrestling the frame upright. 12)
  • Although it is more common to roll it out onto the primary side rather than the timing side, less things sticking out to get damaged and an old tire laid on the workshop floor can cushion the engine some too. 13)
  • Installing the motor minus the drain plugs, will gain a good 1/4“ and you will appreciate that 1/4” as you are trying not to scratch your frame. 14)
  • You can put some pipe insulation on the frame to keep it from getting banged up. 15)

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Using a Lift Strap

Here's a homemade overhead hoist in the shop. It works with a swing arm and a 2 ton chain come-along. 22)
Hook the over head lift to the top motor mount and tilt the engine slightly to the left when you get the weight off of the frame.
It will slip right out of the frame without laying the bike on its side.
It's easier to get the engine out if you take the rear rocker cover off.

Engine strap 23)

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