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BAS Bypass Mod

1998-2003 Models - BAS Bypass Mod The sensor is sometimes unreliable, either failing to allow the bike to start or by not shutting down on tipover. Some have chosen to bypass the unit, disconnecting the sensor and shorting the LtGreen/Gray Wire to the Black Wire in the wiring harness connector, while also capping the solid Gray wire (which is the power from the Ignition Fuse). This might activate a Check Engine Light error on the 1200S models (only). Some have used a voltage-divider, rather than a shorting jumper, to prevent the CEL error. From the BAS signal line (LtGn/Gy) on the harness connector, connect a 1K resistor to the 12v power line (Gray) and another 1K resistor to the ground line (Black) - This keeps the BAS signal line near 6.4v. 1)

2004-2013 Models - BAS Bypass Mod An interesting bypass of the Bank Angle Sensor (BAS) on models with a TSM/TSSM (2004+ Sportsters) is presented at this other forum location. It is specifically related to his use of a racing sidecar, but the information is applicable. Post #11

Alternative to CANbus Key Switch

For 2014-later modesl, if you would like to use an old-style key switch (for relocation or other reasons) to operate your bike, instead of the CANbus key switch, the following circuit will implement a functional equivalent. This circuit uses stock resistor values, therefore, instead of showing 800 ohms for ACC Mode it will present 900 ohms to the BCM and for IGN Mode, instead of 200 ohms, it will present 220 ohms to the BCM - but these minor differences should still allow this circuit to replace the CANbus Key Switch and the bike will function correctly.


Be sure to carefully solder your connections and cover with shrinkwrap.

(Just an aside - You could buy just (4) 220-ohm resistors. Solder (3) in series to create 660-ohms (instead of the 680-ohm resistor) and use the final 220-ohm resistor as shown.)

Illustration created by IXL2Relax at the XLForum
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