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Tool Rests, Parts Holders and Containers

Magnetic Parts Tray

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Lay your rollers in a magnetic parts tray which actually magnetized them enough to stick to the bearing race without any grease. Works even better with oil in the tray. 1)2)

Telescoping Magnets

These are available at most auto parts stores, are cheap and have plenty of uses.
They can be stuck to your metal tool box etc. and stored out of the way until needed.
However, it's best make sure the magnet is clean before using it on vital engine parts.

Telescoping magnets make a handy lifter holder when installing cams on an Evo engine. 3)

Storage Buckets

Here's a good place to store some parts while using a lift table.

Storing Parts 4)

Storing Small Parts

These little containers can be found in the school supply section of retail or grocery stores.
They are stackable (with lids), small enough to pack away until and when needed and the best part is one costs a buck.

Perfect little boxes for storing bearings, nuts washers and etc. 5)

Cardboard Parts Holders

Cardboard can be very useful to hold bolts, tools and others.
You can use a piece of cardboard ripped from a mailing box or an old pizza box.
Choose a piece of cardboard that is not too big to safely store out of the way.
Cardboard is especially helpful when you remove screws of different lengths or sizes from the primary or gearcase cover.

Primary / Gearcase Cover
Keeping the bolts in order as you take them off saves time and headache of remembering which length goes where during installation.
Using the template as a habit, you'll never have to worry about where a bolt came from when reassembling anything. 6)
Make an outline on the cardboard using the new gasket, the cover itself or just wing it.
Write any notes on the cardboard that will help you remember things like sizes, torque value or whatever.
Poke the holes for the screws with a punch or Phillips screwdriver.

Protecting / retaining primary cover screws7) 8)
Protecting / retaining gearcase cover screws 9) 10)

Rocker Box Bolts and Parts:

Protecting rocker box screws and parts 11) 12) 13)

Head Bolts

Protecting Head Bolts 14)

Spark Plugs

Spark Plug Holder 15)

Oil Pump Mounting Bolts

Protecting oil pump mounting bolts 16)

Soaking Parts

Soaking Lifters 17)
Soaking fiber clutch discs 18) 19)

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