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PAB 0-199

XXXX Y 11-30-19661967 Parts Catalog/Supplement Changes
Notes: Updates 1967 parts catalogs for Electra-Glide/Duo-Glide, Sportster,
Sprint and M-65 models w/ added and deleted entries.
XXXX Y 11-22-19741975 XL/XLCH Shifter Linkage Parts List
Notes: Parts catalog supplement page to update the parts catalog.
XXXX Y 11-24-1975Engine Crankcase Policy
Notes: Procedure for ordering and replacement.
XXXX Y 1-16-1976Sportster Rear Shock Absorbers
Notes: 1967 thru 1974 Part #(54535-67) is replaced by part #(54547-75).
And the new shock mounting conversion kit, part #(54529-76).
XXXX Y 4-22-1976L1976 XL/XLCH Keihin Carburetor parts list
Notes: Parts catalog supplement page to update the parts catalog.
XXXX Y 5-18-1976Paint Notice
Notes: The 1976 vivid colors except for black are air dry enamel,
not lacquer which is incorrectly printed on the can labels.
XXXX Y 10-5-1976Frames
Notes: Ordering procedure.
XXXX Y 10-26-1976Spokes and Nipples
Notes: Metric thread spokes and nipples now used on all V-twin motorcycles.
XXXX Y 2-8-1977Sportster Carb Main Jets
Notes: Oversized jets now available.
P&A-21 Y 12-12-1977Tires and Wheels
Notes: Tires, Tubes, Rim Strips and Wheel Asemblies.
P&A-55 Y 11-16-1978Air Dry Paint List
Notes: 1957-1979 paint colors list.
P&A-56 Y 11-16-1978Painted Parts
Notes: 1979 V-Twin painted parts list.
P&A-121 Y 11-7-1980Air Dry Paint List
Notes: 1957-1981 paint colors and part numbers.
P&A-122A Y 2-10-1981Painted Parts List
Notes: Painted Parts List for 1981 V-TWINS.
P&A-154 Y August, 1981Non-Current Painted Parts
Notes: Painted Parts List for 1979 V-TWINS.
P&A-155 Y August, 1981Non-Current Painted Parts
Notes: Painted Parts List for 1980 V-TWINS.
P&A-172 Y 1-22-1982Golf Cart Batteries
Notes: Price reduction due to a decrease in the market price of lead.
P&A-173 Y 2-5-1982New Sample Program
Notes: Dealer incentive.
P&A-174 Y 2-1-1982Braided Cables
Notes: Fitting applications.
P&A-175 Y 3-12-1982Product Improvements
Notes: New product recommendations.
P&A-176 Y 3-12-1982Helmet Liquidation
Notes: Closeouts.
P&A-177 Y 3-12-1982Inventory Clearance
Notes: Liquidation sale.
P&A-178 Y 3-19-1982Headlight Modulator
Notes: Correcting instruction sheet.
P&A-179 Y 3-26-1982Oil Sale
Notes: Pre-Luxe, Premium, and Two-Cycle oil available first-come/first-serve.


Notes: Parts catalog update exclusive to 1982 FLHF and FLHS vehicles.
P&A-181 Y 4-13-1982FL Parts
Notes: Fishtail mufflers and FLCH primary belt conversion kit available.
P&A-182 Y 5-29-1982Changes
Notes: 4-Pak Oil Carrier no longer free to dealers, 7“ sealed Halogen
headlight no longer available.
P&A-184 Y 6-8-1982Price List Supplement
Notes: To be used with May 4, 1981 price book.
P&A-185 Y June 19821983 XLX
Notes: Parts catalog update of parts exclusive to the 1983 XLX model.
P&A-186 Y 7-1-1982New 60wt Oil
Notes: Premium II Extra Heavy (API SF) now available.
P&A-187 Y 8-20-1982Price List Errors
Notes: In the 8-1-1982 Price List, some items were erroneously listed obsolete.
P&A-188 Y 10-29-1982HP Cam Gear Kit
Notes: This kit (80038-81) fits 1980-1981 XLS/XLH.
P&A-189 Y 11-16-1982Primary Drive Belts
Notes: A small quantity of primary drive belts (40009-80) were 'mis-packed'.
P&A-190 Y 12-10-1982Price Supplement
Notes: Comprehensive price supplement of all parts that have been priced or
have changed since the August 1, 1982 Price Book.
P&A-191 Y 1-28-1983Aerosol Paint
Notes: The package quantity on all aerosol paints changed from 6 cans to
4 cans per carton effective immediately.
P&A-192 Y 2-4-1983New 60wt Oil
Notes: PREMIUM II Extra Heavy Grade 60 (API SF) now available.
P&A-193 Y 2-11-1983Price Supplement
Notes: Comprehensive price supplement of all parts and accessories that have
been priced or have changed since the August 1, 1982 Price Book.
P&A-194 Y 3-10-19831983 XR-1000
Notes: List covering part numbers exclusive to the 1983 XR-1000.
P&A-195 Y 3-10-19831983 FXWG
Notes: List covering part numbers exclusive to the 1983 FXWG.
P&A-196 Y 3-29-1983Price Supplement
Notes: Comprehensive price supplement of all parts and accessories that have
been priced or have changed since the August 1, 1982 Price Book.
P&A-197 Y 4-19-19831983 FXRT
Notes: Instruments and indicator lamps parts listing for the 1983 FXRT model.
P&A-198 Y 4-18-1983Touch-up Paint
Notes: HD lowered the quantity on all Touch-Up Paint to two per package.
P&A-199 Y 5-20-1983FXR/FXRS Suspension
Notes: Parts for lowering 1983-earlier FXR/FXRS models up 1-1/2”.

PAB 200-299

P&A-200 Y 3-15-1983Battery (66006-65A)
Notes: Correcting the price in the 1983 Fashion & Accessory Catalog.
P&A-201 Y 5-24-1983Sissy Bar Kits
Notes: Kits available.
P&A-202 Y 5-27-1983Consumer Oil Promotion
Notes: The Oil-Ly Bird Special $2.00 off coupon is in effect for the consumer
through June 15, 1983.
P&A-203 Y 6-10-19831983 Sellout List
Notes: Parts discounted.
P&A-204 Y 7-1-1983V-Twin Belt Buckles
Notes: There are a limited number of pewter Special Edition V-Twin belt buckles
left over from the Recycle Days Program that are available for sale.
P&A-205 Y 7-18-19831984 FXST·Softail
Notes: List covering most parts numbers exclusive to the 1984 FXST·Softail.
P&A-206 Y 7-15-1983Summer Sale
Notes: Correcting the 1983 Special Summer Sale booklet.
P&A-207 Y 8-19-19831984 Painted Parts
Notes: Painted parts list for all 1984 models.
P&A-208 Y 11-1-19831984 FXR - Police
Notes: List of parts unique to the 1984 FXR·POLICE vehicles.
P&A-209 Y Nov. 1983Price Supplement
Notes: Comprehensive price supplement of all parts and accessories that have
been priced or have changed since the August 15, 1983 Price Book.

Clutch Release Bearing
Correcting to Thrust Washer
Notes: Update corrects verbiage. A bad shipment of Thrust Washer - Inner
(37311-75A) was received by the Parts & Accessories Division and
shipped to many dealers between June 15, 1983- and November 1, 1983.
P&A-211 Y 1-20-1984Late 1984 XL
Notes: Bulletin covers unique parts new parts on the L1984 improved XL models.
P&A-212 Y 1-4-1983(4)?FXRT Fairing Windshields
Notes: Three different height windshields available for the FXRT fairings.
P&A-213 Y 1-10-19841979-1984 XL
Notes: Correcting an error in the (99451-84) parts catalog crankcase section.
P&A-214 Y 2-17-1984Late 1984 1340cc Parts Catalogs
Notes: Bulletin covers Late 1984 unique parts on 1340cc models.
P&A-215 Y 2-17-19841984 FLHX
Notes: Bulletin covers unique parts on 1984 FLHX models.
P&A-216 Y 2-14-1984Levelift Centerstands
Notes: Price reduction.
P&A-217 Y 2-24-1983(4?)Returned Rider Accessories
Notes: New return label.
P&A-218 Y 2-24-1984Part Number Change
Notes: Changed the part number suffix letter on novelty products.
P&A-222 Y 4-10-1984HD (5736) Spacer
Notes: Price reduction.
P&A-223 Y 4-5-19841979-1984 Parts Catalog
Notes: Late 1984 page replacement for 1979-1984 XL parts catalog (99451-84).
P&A-224 Y 4-5-19841984 Parts Catalogs
Notes: Correcting 1984 parts catalogs due to incomplete information 1984
front forks.
P&A-225 Y 5-18-19841984 Sellout list
Notes: Annual sellout of discontinued replacement parts.
P&A-226 Y 6-1-1984Connecting Rods
Notes: Price reduction.
P&A-227 Y 6-12-19841984 FLHS-80
Notes: Covering unique parts on L1984 FLHS-80 Electra-Glide Sport model.
P&A-228 Y 7-16-1984FXRT Rider Footboard Kit
Notes: Parts and revised instructions for use on all FXRT models.
P&A-229 Y 9-24-19841340cc Flywheel Assembly
Notes: New assembly includes service part (23913-85), one piece flywheel half.
P&A-230 Y 10-9-1984Price Supplement
Notes: List of all parts and accessories that have been priced or have changed
since the August 1, 1984 Dealer Price List.
P&A-231 Y 10-10-1984Model Application
Notes: Correcting information in the 1984 Spring Fashions/Accessories
Catalog on page 23, box K.
P&A-232 Y 10-18-19841/4oz Wheel Weights
Notes: Clarifying that the 1/4oz wheel weight part numbers are for one (1) 3oz
wheel weight strip which is segmented into twelve 1/4oz units.
This bulletin was replaced by P&A-234.
P&A-233 Y 10-18-1984Evo 1340cc
Notes: Piston to valve clearance before 'hopping up' an Evo.
P&A-234 Y 10-29-1984Wheel Weights
Notes: Clarifying the 1/4oz wheel weight part numbers. Also includes Hi-Way Peg
Kits to fit late '84-later XL models. This bulletin replaces P&A-232.
P&A-235 Y 11-14-1984Filler Cap Gasket (61109-85)
Notes: New gasket will fit cap assemblies 61060-82A, 61102-83A and 61103-83.
P&A-236 Y 12-17-1984Clutch cable Boot (38625-85)
Notes: This new item will fit XL clutch cables 38619-71B and 38626-77B.
P&A-237 Y 12-17-1984FL/FX models
Notes: This bulletin covers unique parts on the chrome drivetrain models.
P&A-238? Y No DateOil
Notes: Changes to the oil distribution program.
P&A-239 Y 3-8-1985RLE Sidecar
Notes: This bulletin covers the parts for the RLE Sidecar.
P&A-240 Y 2-18-19851985 Spring Accessories Catalog
Notes: Pricing items in 1985 Spring Motorcycle Fashions and Accessories Catalog.
P&A-241 Y 2-28-19851340cc Rocker Arms
Notes: This bulletin issued to clarify the actual usage of the 1340cc Evolution
P&A-242 Y 3-6-1985Leather Jackets
Notes: Beginning March 15, we will be offering our Cycle Champ and Cycle
Queen leather jackets, all sizes, on a year-round quantity discount program.
P&A-243 Y 3-20-1985Screw-Speedo Reset Knob
Notes: New part number (67117-85) along with models it fits.
P&A-244 Y 3-25-19851985 Spring Accessories Catalog
Notes: Delayed products and their expected availability dates.
P&A-245 Y 4-12-1985Oil Program
Notes: 2nd free freight oil program and price list.
P&A-246 Y 4-4-1985Tool Kit
Notes: The Deluxe Tool Kit (94405-78) has been obsoleted. Instead, the tool
pouch and tools in the kit are sold separately.
P&A-247 Y 5-10-1985V² Evo Lifters
Notes: The v2 Evo engine has a new style valve tappet. Do not attempt to use
the SE Solid Lifter Kit with these new tappet assemblies.
P&A-248 Y 5-24-19851985 Sellout List
Notes: Annual sellout of discontinued replacement parts.
P&A-249 Y 5-24-1985Radio Business
Notes: Motorola Inc., has informed us that they are no longer in the business
of manufacturing radios.
P&A-250 Y 6-4-1985Oil
Notes: We have reduced the minimum order quantity to 10 cases or 1 drum.
P&A-251 Y 6-10-1985Chain and Cable Lube
Notes: Brochure and technical information sheet on Lubit-8 chain and cable lube
recently introduced by Eagle Iron.
P&A-252 Y 6-28-1985Inner Valve Spring
Notes: A certain quantity of inner valve springs (18202-83) that do not meet
specifications may have been received by the Parts and Accessories
Division and shipped to the dealer network.
P&A-253 Y 7-19-1985Spark Plugs
Notes: You can now order mixed quantities of spark plugs.
P&A-254 Y 7-25-1985Rider Accessories
Notes: List of discontinued or soon obsoleted products.
P&A-255 Y 8-2-1985Price Supplement
Notes: List of all parts and accessories that have been priced or have
changed since the June 3, 1985 Confidential or retail price list.
P&A-256 Y 8-1-1985Air Dry Paints
Notes: List of new air dry paints.
P&A-257 Y 8-13-1985Candy Pearl
Notes: This paint is now available in quarts only.
P&A-258 Y 9-6-1985Turbocharger Kit
Notes: Due to continuing contractual problems with our supplier, HD will not
make available the 91846-85 Turbocharger Kit.
P&A-259 Y 9-6-1985SE Carb and A/C
Notes: Some of the elements used in the SE carb and air cleaner kit (91731-85)
may be defective. A list of common service parts is attached.
P&A-260 Y 9-6-1985Battery Pad (66206-86)
Notes: New replacement part.
P&A-261 Y 9-6-1985Display Rack for Leathers
Notes: A 4-arm rack with slant-arms (42341) is now available.
P&A-262 Y 9-6-1985Display Rack for Leathers
Notes: A 4-arm rack with slant-arms (42341) is now available.
P&A-263 Y 10-18-1985Headlamp Retaining Ring
Notes: New retaining ring (67746-85) will fit all FLT's and FLT Classic's,
1980 to present.
P&A-264 Y 10-15-1985Holiday Gift Ideas
Notes: 24K gold plated and silver plated razors, silver and brass credit card cases
and a solid brass double mirror case, all having an embossed bar & shield.
P&A-265 Y 10-29-1985Price Changes
Notes: Prices on some items changed effective Monday, November 4, 1985.
P&A-266 Y 11-8-1985Price Corrections
Notes: Because of a computer error, a number of novelty items in the recent
October 7, 1985 Price Book and the Catalog Price List show incorrect
net and retail prices.
P&A-267 Y 12-11-1985Rider Accessories
Notes: Some rider accessories have been discontinued and are no longer available.
P&A-268 Y 12-13-19851982-Later XL Vertical Oil Coolers
Notes: Vertical mount oil cooler kits have been changed to make installation easier
on 1986 models.
P&A-269 Y 12-11-1985Acorn Nut and Stud Kit
Notes: The Instruction Sheet for the Acorn Nut and Stud Kit (91734-85) omitted
some steps that pertain to use on FLT/FLHT and FXR series motorcycles.
P&A-270 Y 12-13-1985XR-1000 Cams
Notes: Individual replacement cam gears are now available for the
SE XR-1000 Cam Gear Kit (25480-83R).
P&A-271 Y 12-13-1985BD44/40 Carburetor
Notes: Settings and jetting information.
P&A-272 Y 1-24-1986Oil
Notes: Free freight, oil offer.
P&A-274 Y 1-17-1986Liberty Jacket
Notes: The official licensed liberty jacket, has been discontinued.
P&A-275 Y 1-28-1986Leather Jackets
Notes: Quantity jacket offer.
P&A-276 Y 2-21-19861986 FLST Heritage Softail
Notes: Covering the unique parts on the 1986 FLST Heritage Softail.
See P&A-296 for updates to this bulletin.
P&A-277 Y 2-14-1986Sample Program
Notes: Sample program details.
P&A-278 Y 2-18-1986Sportster Valve Guides
Notes: A quantity of replacement oversize Sportster valve guides may be cracked.
P&A-279 Y 2-18-1986New Product Spec Sheets
Notes: Coding the dealer net price in the spec sheets.
P&A-280 Y 2-25-1986Starter Brush Kit
Notes: This set of brushes is for the 31533-81 starter.
P&A-281 Y 3-18-1986Sportster Rocker Arms
Notes: Price reduction for 1957 TO 1985 Sportsters.
P&A-282 Y 3-18-1986Parts Book Corrections
Notes: The 1986 parts catalogs incorrectly list part (43041-85) as a spoke
and nipple. The (43014-85) part is a nipple only.
P&A-283 Y 4-7-1986Driving Lights (68801-86)
Notes: Install kit with driving lights positioned above front engine guard.
P&A-284 Y 4-11-1986Paint
Notes: Effective April 15, 1986, paints eligible to qualify for free freight.
P&A-285 Y 4-11-1986Air Dry Paints
Notes: New air dry paints available.
P&A-286 Y 4-11-1986Gasket Sets
Notes: New XL883/1100 gasket sets.
P&A-287 Y 4-15-1986Mid 1986 Special Additions
Notes: Unique parts on (1986 1/2) FXRC, FLHTC and FLTC special editions.
P&A-288 Y 4-25-1986Brake Discs
Notes: Price decrease in all cases, except one.
P&A-289 Y 5-2-1986Radio/CB Repair
Notes: Recommendation for the repair of Motorola radios and CBs that are
out of warranty.
P&A-290 Y 5-2-1986Air Filter Elements
Notes: Price reductions.
P&A-291 Y 5-13-1986Replacement Batteries
Notes: Dealer net pricing change.
P&A-292 Y 6-5-1986Engine/Crankcase
and Frame
Notes: Policy change for ordering.
P&A-293 Y 5-20-1986Air Dry Paints
Notes: New air dry paints available.
P&A-294 Y 6-2-1986XL Shocks
Notes: Price decrease.
P&A-295 Y 6-2-1986Price Changes
Notes: Updating prices.
P&A-296 Y 6-13-19861986 FLST Heritage Softail
Notes: Correcting fork information in P&A-276.
P&A-297 Y 6-24-1986Battery Acid
Notes: Product can't be shipped by UPS so it's be obsoleted.
P&A-298 Y 6-24-1986Kerker Exhaust Kit (65211-86)
Notes: Procedure to aid in the removal of the muffler baffle for servicing
packing material.
Sportster Gaskets
Notes: New top end and complete gasket sets to simplify replacement parts.

PAB 300-399

P&A-301 Y 7-22-1986Watches
Notes: Dealer net reduced.
P&A-302 Y 7-22-1986Price Changes
Notes: New price adjustments.
P&A-303 Y 7-25-1986Oil
Notes: Gallon containers delayed.
P&A-304 Y 7-25-1986Quantity Changes
Notes: Packaging and pricing changes.
P&A-305 Y 8-15-1986No Lead Valve
Seat Inserts
Notes: New inserts for 1200c/1340cc 1966-up to eliminate/reduce “pitting” that
occurs when using unleaded fuel. This bulletin replaced with P&A-311.
P&A-306 Y 8-7-1986Color Match Riding Jackets
Notes: Effective immediately, these jackets have been discontinued.
P&A-307 Y 8-7-1986SE Cam Specs
Notes: Screamin'Eagle high performance cam specifications.
P&A-308 Y 8-7-1986SE Cam and Spring Set
Notes: This bulletin covers a potential fitment problem on High-Performance
Evolution XL Cam & Spring Kits shipped to dealers during March,
1986 through mid-June, 1986.
P&A-309 Y 8-19-1986Air Dry Paint
Notes: New air dry paints available.
P&A-310 Y 8-19-1986Conventional Battery (66006-65A)
Notes: Discontinuing sales as soon as our current supplies are exhausted.
P&A-311 Y 8-26-1986No Lead Valve
Seat Inserts
Notes: New inserts for 1200c/1340cc 1966-up to eliminate/reduce “pitting” that
occurs when using unleaded fuel.
P&A-312 Y 9-12-1986Chrome Acorn Nut
and Stud Kit
Notes: The instructions in this kit (91734-85) have been revised.
P&A-313 Y 8-29-1986Footpegs (49102-86T)
Notes: We now have replacement U clamps available.
P&A-314 Y 9-5-1986FX/XL Kickstart Battery
Notes: Package quantity has been reduced from 5 to 1.
P&A-315 Y 9-12-1986Eagle Iron Battery Warranty
Notes: Policy update.
P&A-316 Y 9-19-1986Timer Screw (3570)
Notes: Due to a substantial cost increase from our supplier, we will no longer
offer it in the Genuine line.
P&A-317 Y 10-8-1986Evo FXR Exhaust
Notes: In order for the FXR High Performance Exhaust System by Kerker
(65212-86) to be installed on 1987 FXR, FXRS, FXRS-SP,
and FXLR models, an additional rear bracket kit is necessary.
P&A-318 Y 10-10-1986Refused COD Shipments
Notes: Policy.
P&A-319 Y 10-22-1986FLST Passing Lamp (68249-86)
Notes: Free reinforcement kit (93529) imoproves load spreading
on mounting brackets.
P&A-320 Y 11-24-22-1986Mirror Kit (91875-70B)
Notes: Shipments to begin after delay.
P&A-321 Y 11-24-1986Windshield Kit (58020-49B)
Notes: Lexan® windshield kit, 15“ high, fits all FLH with fairing all
FLHT prior to the '86 model.
P&A-322 Y 12-5-1986Drain Plug Washer (6286)
Notes: Now offered as a separate serviced part.
P&A-323 Y 12-12-1986Oil Filter Mounting
Bracket Assembly (26353-87)
Notes: To simplify inventories at both the factory and the dealer level, this part will
not be offered.
P&A-324 Y 12-16-19861987 1/2 FXRC
Notes: Covering unique parts on the mid-year (1987-1/2) FXRC model.
P&A-325 Y 1-9-1987Transmission/Primary Lube
Notes: Announcing two additional shipping locations.
P&A-326 Y 1-9-1987Chain Tensioner
Assembly (39975-86)
Notes: To simplify inventories at both the factory and dealer, this part w1ll no
longer be offered.
P&A-327 Y 1-16-1987Price Changes
Notes: P&A price adjustments.
P&A-328 Y 1-31-19871987-1/2 FLHS
Notes: Covering the unique parts on the mid-year (1987-1/2) FLHS model.
Cast Wheel
Assembly (43299-86)
Notes: Due to a change in vendor, the rear black 16” spoke cast wheel assembly
for 1986 FLHTC/FLTC/FLHT/FLHTP models will be replaced by part
number (43299-87), rear 10“ spoke cast wheel assembly.
P&A-331 Y 2-13-1987Idler Gear Shaft (25787-57)
Notes: Due to declining sales and to simplify inventories at both the dealer and
factory level, this part for 1957-E1984 Sportsters will no longer be offered.
P&A-332 Y 2-20-1987Mid 1987 FLST
Special Edition
Notes: Covering unique parts on the mid-year (1987-1/2) FLST Special Edition.
P&A-333 Y 2-18-1987SE Carb and
A/C Kit (91731-85)
Notes: This bulletin covers air filter mounting tips, adjustment tips and
jetting recommendations.
P&A-334 Y 3-3-1987Cast Wheel Weights
Notes: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the following stick-on cast
wheel weights are no longer available.
P&A-335 Y 3-3-1987Low Maintenance Batteries
Notes: These new batteries contain a special chemical formula that
drastically reduces sulfate crystal build-up on the battery plates.
P&A-336 Y 3-24-1987Rear Brake M/C
Notes: This bulletin addresses interference with high performance
exhaust systems by Kerker.
P&A-337 Y 3-3-1987Mid 1987 FLTC/FLHTC
Special Editions
Notes: Covering unique parts on 1987·1/2 FLTC/FLHTC Special Editions.
P&A-338 Y 3-6-19871984-87 FLT/FLHT Forks
Notes: To simplify inventories at both the dealer and the factory levels,
fork assemblies (45430-84 & 45459-86) will no longer be offered.
P&A-339 Y 3-31-1987Connecting Rod Set (24281-74A)
Notes: These were not designed for and may fail if installed in pre-1974 BTs.
P&A-340 Y 3-26-19871987-1/2 XL883 “Hugger”
Notes: Covering unique parts on the mid-year (1987-1/2) XL “Hugger” model.
P&A-341 Y 4-13-1987FXST Exhaust
Notes: Fitment clarification for FXST exhaust system (65213-86) by Kerker.
P&A-342 Y 4-3-1987FLST Headlight
Assembly (67825-86)
Notes: List of components to fit 1986-1/2-Later FLST vehicles.
P&A-343 Y 4-3-1987Hex Cap Screw (3771)
Notes: This part is replaced by part number (41465-86) sprocket fastener kit.
This bulletin replaced P&A-346.
P&A-344 Y 4-28-1987Sport Windshield
Notes: This Sport Windshield Kit (58024-87) was sampled in October 1986 and
included a new product spec sheet with incorrect fitment applications.
P&A-345 Y 4-7-1987Sadlebag Guard
Kit (90839-83)
Notes: Price reduced.
P&A-346 Y 4-14-1987Sprocket Fasteners-Cast Wheels
Notes: This bulletin replaces P&A-343 and corrects the torque value.
P&A-347 Y 4-16-1987Wrist Watches
Notes: Because of a chronic supply problem, we have decided to obsolete the
HD wrist watches (Men's P/N #99350-BSV and Women's P/N #99351-BSV)
P&A-348 Y 5-1-1987XLH 1100 Anniversary
Notes: Covering unique parts on the mid-year 30th Anniversary Edition XLH 1100.
P&A-350 Y 7-14-1987XL Shifter Cam (34012-75B)
Notes: This shifter cam will interfere with the crankcases when installed in
1975 or 1976 XL transmissions.
P&A-351 Y 7-10-1987Mid 1987 FXST
Special Edition
Notes: Covering unique parts on the mid-year (1987-1/2) FXST Special Edition.
P&A-352 Y 7-21-1987Sprocket Mounting Bolt (3771)
Notes: This sprocket mounting bolt is once again available. This bolt can be
used on any chain drive vehicle with cast wheels and is mandatory on
all Sportsters (1979-present) with cast wheels.
P&A-353 Y 7-21-1987ALLSOP Cassette Deck
Notes: Cassette cleaning system.
P&A-354 Y 8-13-1987Intercom/CB
Notes: New 1988 Premium Radios include an improved amplifier which is less
sensitive to voltage changes.
P&A-355 Y 8-25-1987Speedo Mounting Bracket
Notes: This bracket (67080-87) was omitted from the 1987 1340 Parts catalog.
P&A-356 Y 8-24-1987Eagle Iron Starter
Notes: Due to a procurement problem with our supplier, the Eagle Iron Starter
Drive Unit (31443-65TA) has been obsoleted.
PAB-357 Y 9-25-19871987-1988 Fashions and
Collectables Catalog
Notes: Corrections.
PAB-358 Y 10-2-1987Prive Books
Notes: Corrections.
PAB-359 Y 9-30-1987Throttle Screw Kit (56397-74C)
Notes: Package quantity changed from 5 to 1.
PAB-360 Y 10-21-19871988 SE 1340cc Camshafts
Notes: As a running change in 1988 Evolution 1340cc models incorporates new
camshaft machining dimensions which has eliminated the need to use
cam gear spacing washers.
PAB-361 Y 10-6-1987CB Kit
Notes: Installation on 1988 FL TC/FLHTC models.
PAB-362 Y 11-6-1987Filler Cap/Insert Assemblies
Notes: New parts.
PAB-363 Y 10-30-1987XL Buckhorn Handlebar Conversion
Notes: List of switch assemblies long enough to accommodate buckhorn handlebars.
PAB-364 Y 11-3-1987Sidecar Bodies
Notes: Four new part numbers, based on color structure for sidecar bodies.
PAB-365 Y 11-12-1987Oil Pump Drive Gear
25T (26345-39)
Notes: Due to a substantial cost increase, we will no Longer offer this part.
PAB-366 Y 11-12-1987Insulated Thermos and
Chopper Glass Sculpture
Notes: Ordering procedure.
PAB-367 Y 11-17-1987Clutch Friction Disc (37931-84A)
Notes: Due to a procurement problem with our supplier, this part has been
obsoleted and superseded to (37931-84).
PAB-368 Y 12-18-1987Oil Control Cylinders
and Piston Assemblies
Notes: In the interest of consolidating inventory at the dealer and factory
levels, we have obsoleted kits 16508-81 and 16509-81.
PAB-369 Y 1-2-1988Brake Pad Set (44135-74)
Notes: This pad set contains sintered bronze (metallic) pads that must not be
installed on 1972- 1975 FUFX models equipped with the original hard
chrome plated brake discs.
PAB-370 Y 2-23-1988Sportster SE Performance Parts
Notes: Two new Screamin' Eagle parts will soon be available to assist you in
obtaining optimum performance from Evolution XL models.
PAB-371 Y 2-19-1988Battery Exhaust Tube (65995-88)
Notes: New clear high quality PVC tubing for certain 12 volt batteries.
PAB-372 Y 2-26-1988Breather Valve Kit (25313-73)
Notes: This kit for all 1200cc engines, 1941-early 1977, will no longer be
offered. All components must be purchased individually.
PAB-373 Y 5-1-1988Reman. head Assemblies
Notes: Price changes.
PAB-374 Y 5-15-1988Mid 1988 FLTC/FLHTC/FXRS
85th Anniversary Editions
Notes: Covering un1que parts on the mid-year 85th Anniversary models.
PAB-376 Y 5-22-19881988 FLHS Tour-Pak
Notes: New parts.
PAB-377 Y 5-20-1988Dunlop Tires
Notes: Dunlop tires are now available in all sizes that are currently
being used on original equipment.
PAB-378 Y 4-26-1988Mid 1988 FXTS
Anniversary Edition
Notes: Covering unique parts on mid year FXSTS Anniversary Edition.
PAB-379 Y 4-12-1988Birch White Aerosol Paint
Notes: Pricing and package quantity changes.
PAB-380 Y 4-29-1988Front Fender Brackets
Notes: This fender, introduced in the 1988 Eagle Iron Parts and Accessories
Catalog, has been temporarily obsoleted due to unacceptable quality.
PAB-381 Y 5-13-1988S100® Cycle Wash
Notes: Promotion.
PAB-382 Y 5-17-1988XL Combustion Chamber
Kit (25629-88)
Notes: It has come to our attention that instruction sheets for this kit
were not included in our initial packaging prior to dealer
introduction in April of this year.
PAB-383 Y 5-27-1988Springer Parts
Notes: Price Lists.
PAB-384 Y 6-7-1988XL Chrome Cam Cover
w/Cams (25483-87)
Notes: This kit will fit 1986-1987 XLs only due to pinion gear change in '88.
PAB-385 Y 6-21-1988Dunlop Tires
Notes: Reminder for ordering.
PAB-386 Y 6-28-1988Removable Tattoo Kit
Notes: Harley-Davidson's removable tattoo kit has been obsoleted.
PAB-387 Y 7-21-1988XL883 Horn Kit (69014-88)
Notes: The instruction sheet supplied with this kit is incorrect.
PAB-388 Y 7-22-1988Price Changes
Notes: Price updates.
PAB-389 Y 7-28-1988Racing Information
Notes: Some piston and ring assemblies have been obsoleted.
PAB-390 Y 8-5-1988XL1200 SE Piston Kit (16140-87)
Notes: An XL-1200 SE piston kit erroneously contained 1340 Evo pistons.
PAB-391 Y 8-8-1988Springer Front End
Kit (46007-88)
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-392 Y 8-31-1988Ulta Classic Fairing Lowers
Notes: Some part numbers were inadvertently omitted from the 1989 Painted
Parts List.
PAB-393 Y 9-13-1988Crankpin Kit (23964-84RB)
Notes: This part #, standard size, is no longer sold. Components now sold separately.
PAB-394 Y 9-30-1988DECO Spots and Letters Kit (93020-88)
Notes: Guidelines for using this kit.
PAB-395 Y 9-30-1988 Stripe and Frame
Touchup Paints
Notes: List of Air Dry Lacquer Stripe and Frame touch-up paints for
1985-1989 stock production vehicles.
PAB-396 Y 10-7-1988 Cruise Control
Notes: Price Changes.
PAB-397 Y 10-25-1988 Jacket and Vest Sizing
Notes: Size Chart
PAB-398 Y 11-11-1988 Low Restriction Oil
Filter (63806-83)
Notes: This part now obsolete.
PAB-399 Y 11-4-1988 1989 Ultra Sidecar
Notes: Covering unique parts on the 1989 TLE-Ultra Sidecar.

PAB 400-499

PAB-400 Y 10-28-1988 KING Tour-Pak
Lamp Kit (68012-88)
Notes: The lamp housing in this kit can be color matched to customers tour-pak.
PAB-401 Y 1-6-1989 1989 FLHS
Painted Side Covers
Notes: Correcting the 1989 Painted Parts List.
PAB-402 Y 12-6-1988 Ultra Classic Sidecar
Notes: Price list.
PAB-403 Y 12-1-1988 Oil and Specialty Lubes
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-404 Y 12-9-1988 XL Custom Painted
Peanut Tank
Notes: Procedures for ordering.
PAB-405 Y 12-13-1988 Denim Jackets and Jeans
Notes: Ordering Procedure.
PAB-406 Y 12-20-1988Oil and Specialty Lube
Notes: Price increase.


1987-1989 BT Parts catalog
Notes: Updating omitted parts.
PAB-408 Y 1-16-1989Springer Front End
Kit (46007-88)
Notes: No Springer front end kits were shipped with a Jiffy Stand,
as it is not required.
PAB-410 Y 1-27-1989Mid 1989 FXRS-CON
Notes: Covering unique parts for the mid-year (1989-1/2) FXRS-CON model.
PAB-411 Y 1-27-19891989 Vivid Black
Notes: Covering unique painted parts on Vivid Black FLHTC-Ultra & FLTC-Ultra.
PAB-412 Y 2-28-1989Tires
Notes: Price corrections.
PAB-413 Y 3-2-1989Reman. Head Assemblies
Notes: Price increases due to increased costs in manufacturing and less
than expected return of cores.
PAB-414 Y 3-20-1989Microfiche Viewers
Notes: Due to a price increase received from the vendor, it is necessary
for us to increase the prices on Eyecom Microfiche Viewers and
related options/accessories.
PAB-415 Y 3-22-1989Stereo Helmet Headsets
Notes: Model fitment.
PAB-416 Y 3-31-1989Sample Program
Notes: Policy.
PAB-417 Y 3-28-1989Denim Flattop Hat
Notes: Delay in availability.
PAB-418 Y 4-4-1989Price Book
Notes: Corrections.
PAB-419 Y 4-4-1989Sterling Silver Rings
Notes: Correcting specs.
PAB-422 Y 4-18-1989Tattoos
Notes: Price corrections.
PAB-423 Y 5-15-1989Reman. Head
Notes: Policy.
PAB-424 Y 5-26-1989Parts Available
Notes: Valve seat inserts and guide.
PAB-425 Y 5-23-1989Designer Store
Interior Signage
Notes: Correcting the spec. sheet.
PAB-426 Y 6-27-1989SE High Flow Carb
and A/C Kit (91731-88)
Notes: Installation clarification.
PAB-427 Y 7-27-1989Master Cylinder
Rebuild kit (42374-82A)
Notes: This kit is no longer available.
PAB-428 Y 8-1-1989Racing Parts
Notes: Price changes.
PAB-429 Y 8-3-1989“1903 Wheel” Lighter
Notes: Correcting price listing.
PAB-431 Y 9-5-1989Sportster Saddlebag/
Sissy Bar Plate
Notes: The proper fitment for XL Side Plate Kit (52782-82A) and Saddlebag
Support Kit (90799-86) is 1982-1989 XL models. See also P&A-441.
PAB-432 Y 9-11-1989Chrome Lower Belt Guard
Notes: Included instruction sheet that covers installation on FX Softail.
PAB-434 Y 10-9-19891990 Painted Parts
Notes: Price list.
PAB-435 Y 9-29-19891990 FLSTC
Notes: Popular accessories that don't fit this model.
PAB-436 Y 9-29-19891990 FXRT Tour-Pak
Notes: Pinstripe changes.
PAB-437 Y 10-9-19891990 Fairing and Lower Caps
Notes: Addition to painted parts list.
PAB-438 Y 10-17-1989Catalog Price Correction
Notes: Price error in Fall/Winter 1989 Motor Clothes and Collectibles Catalog.
PAB-439 Y 11-14-1989Price Reductions
Notes: Prices reduced on a few parts.
PAB-440 Y 12-22-19891990 BT Clutch
Notes: Applications for both cork and paper friction plates.
PAB-441 Y 12-8-1989Sportster Saddlebag/
Sissy Bar Plate
Notes: Follow-up from P&A-431 regarding fitment.
PAB-442 Y 1-5-1990Price Change
Notes: Updating prices.
PAB-444 Y 2-23-1990Painted Parts
Notes: Update to the 1990 painted parts list for FLTC/FLHTC.
PAB-445 Y 3-2-1990Cruise Control Kit
Notes: Changes for parts in the kit.
PAB-446 Y 3-2-1990Convertable Saddlebag
Hardware & Rivet Kit
Notes: New repair kit.
PAB-447 Y 3-2-1990Rocker Box Gasket Kit
Notes: Two new gasket kits available for XL and Big Twin models.
P-13 Y 3-16-1990 XLH Belt Drive Kits
Notes: Some 126 tooth belts (40022-91) on XLH belt kits were manufactured
incorrectly with wrong cord material and will move on both sprockets
toward wheel and crankcase.
PAB-448 Y No DateMicrofiche Viewing
Equipment and Options
Notes: Available equipment.
PAB-449 Y 4-17-1990Catalog Price Corrections
Notes: Corrections to the Spring 1990 Accessories Catalog.
PAB-451 Y 5-8-1990Semi-Synth Transmission Fluid
Notes: You may have been shipped some quantity of contaminated transmission
lubricant in late February or early March of this year.
PAB-452 Y 5-8-1990Cycle King Jacket
Notes: Now available in long sizes.
PAB-454 Y 6-12-1990Chrome Hardware
Notes: New chrome hardware to the Eagle Iron parts and Accessories line.
PAB-455 Y 7-6-1990Collectables
Notes: The Motor Clothes and Collectibles department will send two (2)
Specification Sheets with every new product.
PAB-456 Y 8-27-1990Cycle King Jackets
Notes: Size changes.
PAB-458 Y 8-27-1990Rod Assembly/Oil Slinger
Notes: The part has been obsoleted until such time it is used in 1991 production.
PAB-459 Y 8-14-1990Oil
Notes: Price increase.


Confidential Price List
Notes: New products.
PAB-461 Y 8-22-1990Battery (65989-90A)
Notes: Correcting shipping labels.
PAB-462 Y 9-6-1990Fat Boy Seat
Notes: Part number (52504-89) has been discontinued and replaced by the Solo
Saddle and Pillion Seat sold as separate pieces.
PAB-463 Y 9-10-1990Rocker Box Gaskets
Notes: The cork-rubber rocker cover gasket (17955-84) has been made available
for use on Big Twin vehicles.
PAB-464 Y 9-12-19901987 FLT/FXR Transmission Case
Notes: Transmission Case (34730-87) has been obsoleted and superceded by
P/N (34730-88).
PAB-465 Y 9-14-1990Inition Module and
Wiring Harness Kit
Notes: All OE and SE ignition modules will now be supplied in the 1991 wiring
configuration with a seven pin type connector.
PAB-466 Y 9-17-1990Sidecar Connection Kit
Notes: Sidecar connection kit (87106-79) for 1979-1984 FLH Models, will be
obsolete when the existing inventory is gone.
PAB-467 Y 9-17-1990XL Transmission Shifter Forks
Notes: There are several different length shift forks available for 1990 and
earlier XL models.
PAB-468 Y 9-17-1990Primed Fiberglass Parts
Notes: Fiberglass Parts are now available to you finished in primer and drilled
to accept mounting hardware.
PAB-469 Y 9-17-19901986-1990 XL Camshaft
and Pinion Gears
Notes: The new color code system will combine the single dot and double dot sizes
into a new expanded range that is identified by color only.
PAB-470 Y 9-17-1990FXDB Fuel Tank and Fenders
Notes: Part numbers for the 1991 FXDB Dyna Sturgis fuel tank and fenders.
PAB-471 Y 9-17-1990Price List
Notes: Correcting prices.
PAB-472 Y 9-18-1990Sample Program
Notes: Some dealers may not have received the correct quantity of 'Gold Eagle”
gas cap medallions.
PAB-473 Y 9-24-1990Painted Parts
Notes: “Painted to Match” Tour Paks are now available for 1991 FLHS models.
PAB-474 Y 10-5-1990Oil
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-475 Y 10-19-1990Price Correction
Notes: Updating price list on a few items.
PAB-476 Y 2-7-1991Oil
Notes: Price decrease.
PAB-477 Y 3-28-1991Dual Disc Conversion
Notes: Parts list.
PAB-478 Y 4-30-1991Oil
Notes: Another price decrease.
PAB-480 Y 7-30-1991Specialy Lubes
Notes: Price decrease.
PAB-481 Y 8-23-1991Reconditioned Prime
Tanks and Fenders
Notes: Discounted prices.
PAB-482 Y 9-24-1991Kid's Sweatshirts
Notes: Part numbers are reversed on page 27 of the MotorClothes catalog.
PAB-483 Y 10-25-1991Wheel Bearing Spacers
Notes: Wheel Bearing spacing for all 1992 models has been changed to a
new spacer with shims to set the proper wheel bearing end play.
Please refer to Service Bulletin M-1013.
PAB-484 Y 10-14-1991Price Reduction
Notes: Price updates on a few parts.
PAB-485 Y 11-8-1991Lower Gearing
Notes: Unique part numbers that are needed to convert domestic models to
the Touring Gear Ratio.
PAB-486 Y 11-11-1991Rear Sprockets for 1340cc
Notes: New black painted sprockets.
PAB-487 Y 11-11-19911340cc Oil Pump
Notes: New painted oil pump parts.
PAB-488 Y 11-15-1991Panhead Jackets
Notes: Reason why Panhead jacket will vary in color from very light-very dark.
P-20 Y 11-18-1991 Brake Pad & Rotor Replacements
Notes: Recommended brake pad application when a new stainless steel brake
rotor is installed on 1991 and earlier models.
PAB-489 Y 1-28-1992Quart Paint Price Increase
Notes: Due to VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations in certain areas
of the U.S., our supplier has found it necessary to change the
formulation of our quart paints.
PAB-490 Y 3-30-1992Price Increases
Notes: Due to increased manufacturing costs because of very low demand, it
is necessary to increase pricing for some Genuine O.E. Service Parts.
PAB-491 Y 4-6-1992Price Increases
Notes: Price changes to Spring 1992 price books.
PAB-492 Y 4-3-1992RK 0-Ring Chain Link Kit (40031-85T)
Notes: Kit may have been incorrectly packaged with “rivet” type connecting
links instead of “clip” type connecting links.
PAB-493 Y 5-26-1992Price Increase
Notes: Due to increased vendor and manufacturing costs, we have found it
necessary to raise pricing on these Genuine O.E. service parts.
PAB-494 Y 7-8-1992Battery Cable
Notes: Part number (70064-89) is now obsolete.
PAB-495 Y 9-18-1992Genuine Primed Fiberglass
Notes: Fiberglass Parts are available to you finished in primer and drilled
to accept mounting hardware.
PAB-496 Y 9-25-1992Rubber Boot (70654-86)
Notes: Part number for the boot used with 3-Way function switch (1986-present)
and volume control switch on 1988-present) vehicles with a
Premium Sound System.
PAB-498 Y 2-26-1993Price Corrections
Notes: Updating prices.
PAB-499 Y 3-12-1993Chrome Triple Saddlebag
Rail Kit (90845-93)
Notes: Price increase.

PAB 500-599

PAB-500 Y 3-31-1993 Oil and Lube.
Notes: New prices.
PAB-501 Y 4-26-1993Handlebar Switch
Plate (71557-93)
Notes: Identifying part number.
PAB-502 Y 5-3-1993 Price Corrections
Notes: Correcting Spring 1993 Price Books and/or Accy catalog.
PAB-503 Y 6-11-1993 Price Increase
Notes: We must increase our prices due to low demand and increased
manufacturing costs.
PAB-504 Y 6-30-19931994 1340 Rear
Sprocket Changes
Notes: Due to a change in the primary drive ratio on 1994 1340 models,
some 1994 1340 models, International and U.S., have different rear
drive sprockets.
PAB-505 Y 7-15-1993Price Correction
Notes: Correcting price for Chrome Hardware Kit-Side Cover (94286-93T).
PAB-506 Y 7-21-1993Price Correction
Notes: Correcting price for Semi/Synth Transmission Lube 55 Gallon Drum.
PAB-507 Y 9-30-1993Fillister Head Screw (2695W)
Notes: Some dealers have received this part with incorrect thread pitch.
PAB-508 Y 10-29-1993Sportster Oil Tanks
Notes: Two retrofit oil tank kits for 1982-1993 Sportster models except,
XR-1000, will be available in late October-early November of this year.
PAB-509 Y 12-19-1993Genuine Primed Fiberglass
Notes: Fiberglass and ABS parts available to you finished in primer and drilled
to accept mounting hardware. This bulletin is an update of PAB-495, then PAB-523.
PAB-510 Y 5-5-1994Lower Gearing
Notes: Unique part numbers that are needed to convert domestic models to
the Touring Gear Ratio. This bulletin is an update of PAB-485, further
updated in PAB-524.
PAB-511 Y 2-1-1994Sportster Preformed oil Hose
Notes: HD has developed a new-style engine oil return hose (62352-94B) for all
1991-early 1994 XLH Sportster models.
PAB-512 Y 2-8-1994FLT Antenna
Set Screw (3266)
Notes: New part.
PAB-513 Y 3-1-1994Deutsch Electrical Connectors
Notes: These are used on all 1994 XLH and FLT models. Bulletin updated in PAB-526.


FLHR Road King
Notes: Installation clarification. Bulletin updated by PAB-522.
PAB-515 Y 3-14-1994Price Changes
Notes: Updates.
PAB-516 Y 3-14-19941994 P&A Catalog
Notes: Ordering Information.
PAB-517 Y 3-22-1994Cylinder Studs
Notes: Changes and installation to XLH and 1340cc cylinder studs.
PAB-518 Y 3-21-1994Hardware Trays
Notes: Price changes.
PAB-519 Y 4-11-1994Price Corrections
Notes: Updates to the Spring '94 price books and/or your Accessory Catalog.
PAB-520 Y 5-2-19941994 Genuine Accessories Catalog
Notes: Corrections.
PAB-521 Y 6-6-1994Price Increase
Notes: Due to increased manufacturing costs it has become necessary to
raise the following Racing Parts
PAB-522 Y 7-25-1994FLHR Road King
Notes: Installation clarification. Bulletin updates by PAB-514B.
PAB-523 Y 7-25-19941980-1985 Genuine
Primed Fiberglass
Notes: Fiberglass and ABS parts available to you finished in primer and drilled
to accept mounting hardware. This bulletin is an update of PAB-509.
PAB-524 Y 7-25-1994Lower Gearing
Notes: Unique part numbers that are needed to convert domestic models to
the Touring Gear Ratio. This bulletin is an update of PAB-510.
PAB-525 Y 8-31-1994FLSTN-Stlye Saddlebag Kits
Notes: New part for all 1984-1995 Softail.
PAB-526 Y 8-15-1994Deutsch Electrical Connectors
Notes: Update to PAB-513.
PAB-527 Y 11-15-1994Brake Pads
Notes: Price reduction.
PAB-528 Y 9-15-1994Oil
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-529 Y 9-2-19941994 Genuine
Accessories Catalog
Notes: Correction.
PAB-530 Y 11-1-1994Primed Fuel Tanks
Notes: Price corrections.
PAB-531 Y 12-22-19941995 Spring Price Books
Notes: Price revisions.
PAB-532 Y 1-23-19951995 Spring Price Books
Notes: Price revisions.
PAB-533 Y 1-24-1995Oil
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-534 Y 2-10-19951995 FLHTCU-1
Notes: List of service parts.
PAB-535 Y 2-10-1995Common Hardware
Notes: List of common fasteners used on HD motorcycles.
PAB-536 Y 1-31-19951995 Slip Fit Muffler
Notes: Labeling error.
PAB-537 Y 3-10-1995Cruise Control Modules
Notes: HD's inventory of modules 70958-89A and 70958-908 is depleted.
PAB-539 Y 2-27-1995FLHR Saddlebag Guardrails
Notes: A small quantity of the FLHR Saddlebag Guardrails that were
recently sampled may be defective due to chrome plating fluid
staining/corroding the chrome finish.
PAB-540 Y 3-7-1995Genuine Parts Catalog
Notes: Corrections.
PAB-542 Y 4-15-1995Lubes
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-543 Y 4-25-1995Tires
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-544 Y 7-31-1995Various Parts
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-545 Y 9-1-1995Various Parts
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-546 Y 9-8-19951996 Essential
Parts Kit
Notes: Shipping.
PAB-547 Y 9-18-1995Low Contact Ratio
Transmission Gears
Notes: List of discontinued items.
PAB-549 Y 11-3-1995Cruise Control
Kit (77127-93A)
Notes: Kit no longer available. There will now be four individual kits.
PAB-550 Y 11-15-1995Oil Filter Fitment
Notes: 2 EAGLE IRON oil filters will not work on EFI vehicles due to
their overall size.
PAB-551 Y 12-18-1995Novus Polishing Products
Notes: Due to the escalating prices of corrugated boxes, it has become
necessary to adjust our pricing on the following Novus polishing products.
PAB-552 Y 12-18-1995Tires
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-553 Y 1-17-1996Profile Low Front
Suspension Kit Jiffy Stand
Notes: Application.
PAB-554 Y 3-4-1996FLSTC Docking
Hardware (53371-95)
Notes: Price increase.
PAB-555 Y 3-13-1996POP Information
Matrix Booklet Covers
Notes: The rubber material near hinge joint may crack on some of the covers.
PAB-556 Y 3-26-1996Fuel Tank
Bracket (61348-96A)
Notes: Price adjustment.
PAB-557 Y 4-15-1996FLHR Road King
Detachable Rack Update
Notes: Long-term durability testing.
PAB-558 Y May 1996Touring Mufflers
Notes: New style mufflers and end caps are now sold separate & are not
interchangeable with old style mufflers/ end caps.
PAB-559 Y 5-24-1996Batteries
Notes: Change in packaging quantities.
PAB-560 Y 7-1-1996Price Books
Notes: Price changes.
PAB-562 Y 6-24-1996Lubes
Notes: Part number changes.

PAB 600-699

PAB 700-799

PAB 800-899

PAB P-49 Y 11-17-2000 SE Cartridges
Notes: Due to a worldwide shortage of microchips, HD has worked closely with
SPX Corp. to develop new multiple download/calibration cartridges for
ECM recalibration of Touring and Softail models
PAB P-52 Y 12-3-2002 Sidecar Parking Brake Kit Update
Notes: Revised parking brake kit for Touring models built after 5-6-2002.
PAB P-56 Y 1-14-2003 Chrome Hardware Torque Procedure
for Parts (43245-00, 43253-00A AND 94773-00)
Notes: New torque procedure for 2000-later Softail and Dyna rear sprocket,
mounting hardware and hubcap kits.
PAB-849 Y 5-17-2005 SYN3
Notes: HD has updated the fitment and has extended the service intervals for SYN3
lubricant in primary chaincase and transmission applications.

PAB 900-999

PAB-912A Y 4-25-2014 Advanced Audio System - Out of Warranty Repair Process
Notes: Informing dealers of the out of warranty repair process for Advanced
Audio System components.
PAB-931 Y 4-1-2008Michelin 150/80-16 Rear Commander Tire Update
Notes: In some cases, this tire (43252-07) can be challenging to mount on
tubeless 3.0” wide rims.
PAB-937 Y 5-13-2008SE Super Tuner/Digital Technician II
Notes: Changes to pricing for both the Super Tuner (32109-08) and the Digital
Technician II (DTII) Performance download calibrations.
PAB-950 Y 7-24-2009MAP Sensor Part# Update
Notes: Part number changes and applications.

PAB 1000-1099

PAB P-68 Y 4-11-2014 Thermostat (26700001) Inventory Return
Notes: Notifying dealers to return early inventory of outdated thermostats.
PAB-1001A Y 4-25-2014 Boom! Box Audio System
Notes: Out of Warranty Repair Process.
PAB-1019 Y 3-28-2014 7“ Electra Glo Light Ring Wiring Issue
Notes: Informing dealers that some 7” Electra Glo Light Rings were shipped with
wiring too short to allow proper installation on MY14 Touring models.
PAB-1020 Y 5-14-2014 Handlebar Installation Instructions
Notes: Handlebar Installation Requirements V3.0 is now available on h-dnet.com.
PAB-1021 Y 5-14-2014 4-Point Docking Hardware Kit — Rushmore Models
Notes: Communicating changes to the design and the availability of a new
4-Point Docking Hardware Kit for 2014-later Touring model (Part# 52300353).
PAB-1022 Y 6-30-2014 2002-2006 V-Rod Fuel Module Component Replacement
Notes: Communicating the solution and timing regarding the availability of the
02-06 VRSC and 06 VRSCR fuel pump module, fuel sending unit, and
fuel module flange assembly.
PAB-1024 Y 8-11-2014 Diamondback & Diamond-Black ABS Lower Brake Line
Notes: Informing dealers of the revision to XL Lower ABS Brake Lines for 2014-later
models due to a manifold update and what to do regarding existing inventory.
PAB-1027 Y 8-26-2014 Road Glide Chrome Clutch Bracket,
Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit Launch Delay
Notes: Due to a late development issue, the launch of the Road Glide Chrome
Clutch Bracket and Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit is delayed until October 31, 2014.
PAB-1030 Y 9-12-2014 Discontinuation of Accessory
Tri Glide 14-Spoke Wheel - Mirror Chrome
Notes: The packaging label on part (43000031) has incorrect fitment.
PAB-1031 Y 11-18-2014 Burst Front Axle Nut Cover
Notes: The packaging label on part (43000031) has incorrect fitment.
PAB-1032 Y 11-21-2014 New Road Glide Accessory Handlebars
Now Available
Notes: New Accessory Handlebars for 2015 Road Glide vehicles (except CVO models)
are in stock and ready to ship.
PAB-1035 Y 2-3-2015Sportster Side Cover
Clip Improvement
Notes: We have modified the parts to improve the fit between the clips.
PAB-1036 Y 2-12-2015 Functional Issue with Illuminated Windshield Trim
Notes: Informing dealers of a functional issue with the initial shipments
of the new Rushmore Illuminated Windshield Trim launched at January 2015 RRE.
PAB-1037 Y 2-13-2015 Road Zeppelin Seat Product Updates
Notes: The purpose of this bulletin is to communicate changes to the
Road Zeppelin Seats and Seat Pads.
PAB-1038 Y 2-1-2015 Buell Engine Assemblies
Notes: HD has a number of Buell engine assemblies that we would like to offer
for sale at a onetime special price.
PAB-1040 Y 3-3-2015 New SE Performance Products Launched at 2015
Retail Readiness Event — Product Information Updates
Notes: Some Boom! Audio Amplifiers are not currently able to be programmed.
PAB-1041 Y 3-4-2015 Boom! Audio Amplifier Software Issue
Notes: Some Boom! Audio Amplifiers are not currently able to be programmed.
PAB-1042 Y 3-24-2015 Boom! Audio Amplifier Software Issue Update
Notes: Informing dealers that updated Digital Tech software for programming of
Boom! Audio Amplifiers will be available by 3/25/15.
PAB-1043 Y 3-19-2015 Custom Seat Program
Notes: Due to an interruption of supply,
the Custom Seat Program will be discontinued, effective immediately.
PAB-1044 Y 3-19-2015 Seat Availability
Notes: Due to an interruption of supply, some seating products will have limited
availability which may result in prolonged backorder status.
PAB-1045 Y 4-2-2015 Low Profile Fuel Cap (62543-11) Issue
Notes: HD has discovered the low profile fuel cap (62543-11) has a ratcheting issue
that causes the cap to be tightened too far down on the tank and can cause it to
either lock to the tank or scratch the tank.
Fuel Sensor and Gauge, Defective Dealer Stock
Notes: Requesting dealers warranty select Fuel Sensors and related Fuel Gauge Kits
and to share details of the proper warranty process.
PAB-1056 Y 11-6-2015 SE Street Performance Tuner
Manufacturing Programming Issue
Notes: There was a manufacturing error involving the programming of some SE Street
Performance Tuner kits. The affected tuners were improperly programmed
yielding them inoperable with the Street Performance Tuner PC software.
PAB-1060 Y 11-29-2016 Screamin Eagle Tuning for 2017 Trike Models
Notes: Clarifying the ECM tuning options for MY17 50-state US Trike models.
PAB-1061 Y 1-6-2017 Delivery Update - 2017 Touring
Notes: Due to unexpected manufacturing constraints, SE Heavy Breather Billet
Covers will be made obsolete/discontinued effective immediately.
PAB-1062 Y 1-26-2017 SE Milwaukee-Eight Stage IV Kit Part Description Error
Notes: Notifying dealers using Talon and Lightspeed that the recently launched
Milwaukee-Eight Stage IV kit part descriptions are incorrect in their DMS.
PAB-1063 Y 3-8-2017 SE Smart Tune Pro certification Status Update
Notes: Notifying dealers of unforeseen certification delays for the Smart Tune PRO module.
PAB-1064 Y 3-16-2017 HD Lock and Key Ordering Guide
Notes: Key style identification for parts order. all models.
PAB-1065 Y 4-24-2017 SE Milwaukee-Eight High Flow Exhaust
System Status Update
Notes: Updating dealers on possible fitment concerns and availability status
for the Screamin' Eagle Milwaukee-Eight High-Flow Exhaust Systems.
PAB-1066 Y 7-3-2017 Technical Publications Price Increase
Notes: HD will be increasing prices on technical service literature on August 23, 2017.
PAB-1067 Y 7-31-2017 SE Smart Tune Pro
Notes: Smart Tune PRO – Automatic Tuning Module is 50-state U.S. EPA
approved and released for shipment.
PAB-1068 Y 9-15-2017 SE Tuner Calibration delay
Notes: Base calibrations are temporarily unavailable for SE Stage
II, III and IV upgrades for select 2018 CVO models.
PAB-1069 Y 11-9-2017 Screamin Eagle Upgrades for 2018 Sport Glide
Not Approved For Use In California
Notes: Notifying California dealers of unforeseen certification delays for
Stages I – IV on the 2018 Sport Glide model, FLSB, for California.
PAB-1073 Y 5-4-2018 2018 CALIFORNIA STREET
Tuner Software Compatibility Delay
Notes: Notifying California dealers of a delay in Street Tuner software compatibility for the
2018 XL1200NS (Iron 1200) and XL1200XS (FORTY-EIGHT Special).
PAB-1078 Y 10-10-2018 California - Screamin Eagle Certification Status Update
Notes: Bulletin notifies California dealers of certification status for SE stage upgrades.
PAB-1079 Y 10-10-2018 California - Screamin Eagle Certification Status Update
Notes: Bulletin notifies California dealers of certification status for SE stage upgrades.
PAB-1081 Y 12-14-2018 Screamin Eagle Updates
Notes: SE Pro Street Tuner software changes related to Stage II for
Trike models and Smart Tune PRO improvements.
PAB-1083 Y 2-21-2019 2019 SOFTAIL FXDR 114
Ergonomic Alternatives
Notes: HD has identified alternatives to the stock riding position for
riders looking for a more relaxed position.
PAB-1084 Y 3-6-2019 Softail Backrest Pad Improvements
Notes: Informing dealers of design improvements for Compact Passenger Backrest Pads.
PAB-1085 Y 3-15-2019 One Gallon Anti-Freeze
Now Professional Use Only
Notes: Notifying dealers that one-gallon coolant/anti-freeze (99822-02)
will be superseded to (99822-02A) and marked for professional use only.
PAB-1086 Y 10-17-2019 Battery Recycling Program Update
Notes: Notifying dealers participating in the HD Battery Recycling Program that
the pick-up process for core batteries is changing.
PAB-1087 Y 9-20-2019 Adding Radio - FLHT
BOOM! AUDIO Parts List
Notes: Providing dealers with the complete parts list to install a genuine
Boom! Box radio in Electra Glide Standard (FLHT).
PAB-1088 Y 1-31-2020 Lithium Batteries Application
& Operation Information
Notes: Explaining the benefits and clarify the usage of the Lithium LiFe batteries.
Dealers should also inform customers of this information prior to or at time of sale.
PAB-1089 Y 11-8-2019 Screamin Eagle Updates
Notes: SE Pro Street Tuner calibrations on 2020 Touring models equipped
with RDRS (Reflex Defensive Rider Systems). Software enhancement to SE Pro
Street Tuner software for 2020 Touring models at WOT (Wide Open Throttle).
U.S. - California: CARB (California Air Resources Board) approval on 2020
Milwaukee-Eight and Sportster SE Stage IV kits.
PAB-1090 Y 1-9-2020 Screamin Eagle Updates
Notes: SE Pro Street Tuner calibrations on 2020 Touring, CVO Touring
and Police models equipped with RDRS (Reflex™ Defensive Rider Systems).
PAB-1091 Y 12-3-2019 2014-LATER - BOOM! BOX GTS - Fitment Update
Notes: Informing dealers of the upcoming software change expanding the Boom! Box
GTS radio fitment from 2019-later Touring to 2014-later Touring.
PAB-1092 Y 1-9-2020 Screamin Eagle Updates
Notes: CARB (California Air Resources Board) approval on
2020 Milwaukee-Eight SE kits within California.
PAB-1093 Y 8-31-2020 SE Product Updates
Notes: Additional SE 128/131 Stage IV Kit and 131 Crate Engine information.
PAB-1095 Y 2-12-2020 SE 4.310“ Piston Oil Expander Ring Design
Notes: Notifying dealers of a design difference with the oil expander ring on
the 4.310” piston compared to other Screamin Eagle pistons
PAB-1096 Y 2-13-2020 SE Multilayer Steel Gasket
Flange Nut Torque Value Sequence Change
Notes: Notifying dealers of a cylinder flange nut torque value change for all
SE Milwaukee-Eight stage kits utilizing a Screamin’ Eagle MLS head gasket.
PAB-1097 Y 5-15-2020 BOOM Software Update
Notes: Software available for international order for 2014-2018 Touring models.
PAB-1098 Y 5-15-2020 New DOT 4 Brake Fluid Part Numbers
Notes: Providing dealers with an updated listing of replacement DOT4 brake
fluid part numbers for future reference in order procurement.

PAB 1100-1199

Twin Cam Long Block Warranty
Notes: Certain twin cam longblock and twin cam warranty engines are no longer supported.
Instead, shortblocks should be ordered where applicable.
1101 Y 8-14-2020 Touring models Suspension Kits - Fitment Update
Notes: Informing dealers of fitment update to certain suspension lowering kits.
Softail 1/4 Fairing
Mounting Post
Notes: Informing dealers of warranty claim issues with the mounting posts cracking.
1103 Y
SE Stage Kit Calibration
Notes: Screamin’ Eagle® calibrations delayed availability. This delay covers the new Touring
(119/122 ci) Stage III Kits and Softail® (128/131 ci) Stage IV Kits/Crate.
1104 Y 8-24-2020 High Flow Exhaust System
Notes: SE Touring High-Flow Exhaust System is now a 49-State compliant fitment for the
128/131 ci Stage IV Kit and 131ci Crate Engine.
1105 Y 9-16-2020 SE Calibrations and Smart Tune Update
Notes: New Screamin Eagle calibrations are now available for 49 State application.
P&A Vintage Parts Fitment Listing
Notes: Informing dealers that certain Parts and Accessories (P&A) are now being stocked
at Vintage Parts, and that fitment statements for those items are at H-Dnet.com.
Screamin' Eagle Street TunerUpdate for 2021
Notes: Informing dealers that all Screamin' Eagle Street Tuner calibrations will have a
delayed availability due to the 2021 Electronic Control Module (ECM)
change on Milwaukee-Eight (MKE-8) models.
1109 Y 1-12-2021 Screamn Eagle Stage I Components for 2021 CARB
Notes: Informing California dealers that Screamin Eagle Stage I products may not be
installed on 2021 vehicles until California Air Resources Board (CARB)
provides Executive Order (EO) approval.
1110 Y 3-12-2021 2021 Touring / Trike Coolflow Fan Fitment
Notes: Original: The CoolFlow Fan is temporarily not a fitment on 2021 Touring, Trike,
Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Touring and Police Touring motorcycles
Update: Starting the week of March 15, 2021, Digital Technician II will have
the updated calibrations for the CoolFlow Fan for vehicles built before 2-15-2021.
1111 Y 7-5-2022 2021 Vehicles: Screamin Eagle Updates
Notes: Informing dealers that Screamin Eagle® Street Tuner 49-State (only)
calibrations for 2021 vehicles are now available.
1112 Y 2-19-2021 2016-2017 Dyna, 2000-2021 Softail Handlebar Fitment Updates
Notes: Informing dealers of the removal of some 2016-2017 Dyna, 2000-2021 Softail models
from the Handlebar Fitment Guide.
1113 Y 2-23-2021 BOOM! AUDIO 30K Bluetooth Headsets
Notes: Boom Audio 30K Bluetooth Headsets are now able to
upgrade the software to the latest Mesh 2.0 technology.
1114 Y 3-3-2021 New Gallon and 4 Liter Oil Case Quantity and Bottle
Notes: Informing dealers there will be a new 1 US gal and 4L case quantity and an
external bottling change to the H-D 360 and SYN3 oil products.
1115 Y 3-9-2021 Handlebar Fitment Matrix Update
Notes: The Handlebar Fitment Matrix has been updated to include clutch cable kits for
2021 Touring fitments and timing for when the kits will be available to order and ship.
1116 Y 3-23-2021 Push-To Talk/Cruise Hand Control Kit: Fitment Update
Notes: Informing dealers of a no-fit situation that exists on 2021 Touring,
Touring Police, CVO Touring and Trike vehicles where Citizens Band (CB) radio
customers are looking to install the Push To Talk (PTT) / Cruise Hand Control Kit
(71500494) to swap location of those switches.
1117 Y 3-30-2021 Screamin Eagle 2021 CARB
Notes: Informing California Dealers of the status of California Air Resources Board (CARB)
pending approvals on 2021 Stage I-IV components/kits.
1119 Y 6-8-2021 HD AUDIO – Bluetooth Dongle & Mobile App
Notes: Informing dealers of the HD Audio Bluetooth Dongle for
CVO customers and Harley-Davidson audio app.
1120 Y 8-27-2021 Pan America and Sportster S: Hand Grips
Notes: Reminding dealers to always follow the Installation Instructions and check
for free rotation of throttle grip before operating vehicle. The throttle grip for
2021 Pan America vehicles (RA1250 and RA1250S) and 2021 Sportster S
vehicles (RH1250S) is different from other H-D models.
1119 Y 6-8-2021 HD AUDIO – Bluetooth Dongle & Mobile App
Notes: Informing dealers of the HD Audio Bluetooth Dongle for
CVO customers and Harley-Davidson audio app.
1123 Y 1-3-2022 Screamin Eagle Pan America Accessories - CARB
Notes: Four Screamin Eagle accessories for 2021 Pan America models have been granted
Executive Order approval by California Air Resources Board (CARB).
Notes: Informing dealerships that select SE Öhlins Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks (54000193)
with batch number 185181, MUST NOT be installed on customer vehicles.
1125 Y 3-14-2022 Screamin Eagle Street Tuner - CARB
Notes: Informing dealers of Screamin' Eagle® (SE) Street Tuner software and product
changes starting with 2021 vehicles. In addition, there have been two California Air
Resources Board (CARB) Executive Order approvals granted for 2021 application.
1129 Y 7-19-2022 Screamin Eagle Pro Street Tuner Availability and Digital Tech
Notes: Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Tuner (41000008C) will be unavailable for the
remainder of 2022. Pro Street Tuner availability is expected in January 2023.

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