REF: Body Parts - Sub-30I

Homemade Forward Extensions

Using a Fabbed Extension Plate

This mod gained about 4“ forward and about 1.5” out to side.
A longer stainless steel rod was threaded to link to the longer controls.

2 brackets were fabricated. 1)Then the OEM brackets were bolted on. 2)Finished assembly. 3)

Modding Dyna Highway Peg Brackets

In order to accomplish this mod, you need to have pipes that do not obstruct the front frame area. 4)
There is a 3“ extension piece on either side of the frame connected at the original foot peg position.
Then, there is a horizontal piece welded in between those two extensions for strength.
This solves two things; putting the controls 3” out and 1/4“ - 1/2” up.

Then, you have to deal with the brake bar.
Since the pegs are now 3“ forward, it won't fit or the brake pedal would be underneath the peg.
The one below was cut and 3” of steel was welded in the middle then heat wrap was installed over the whole bar.

On the shifter side, a long chrome bar was cut to length and re-threaded for a linkage. 5)

03 and Prior Models


JayBrake 4“ extended forwards. 6)
They're expensive but very good quality.
They are made for an FXR but they have an adaptor for them to fit the Sportser.
In addition, a 4” extension plate had to be purchased from another company along with a longer, adjustable shift rod from J&P Cycles.
Total cost was about 800 bucks.

Jaybrake provided the black tubes (the adaptors) that come out of the frame and attaches to the extension plate.

JayBrake 4“ Extended Forwards 7)

Performance Machine

Performance Machine 2” extended forwards.
Purchased from American Classic Motors, a bit pricy at $339 but they are chrome billet aluminum.
Most billet forwards go for $400 or better.
These are made by performance machine for V-Twin.
Even V-Twin lists them at $405.

Performance Machine forwards for XLC mounted to a 90 XLH 1200 8)

04 and Up Models


Accutronix 6“ Forward Control Extension kit for a 2004-Up Sportsters. 9)
Price: $268.95
Kits: 2004-2013 and 2014-Up
These +6” Forward Control Extension Plates are machined from 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum and powder coated gloss black to match your frame.
The shift & brake rods are polished stainless steel.
The extension plates bolt to the frame where the stock Sportster forwards mount.
The shift & brake arms as well as the foot pegs then mount 6“ forward from the stock location helping people with a long inseam stretch out.

DK Custom

2” Forward Control Extensions for Sportsters in black or chrome. 10)
Uses a standard footpeg clevis.
Does not require any modification to the bike, or changes to the brake or shift levers.
EZ Bolt-on install, and comes with instructions.

DK Custom 2“ Forward Control Extensions. 11)

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