REF: Tools & Fasteners

Tool Suggestions, Workarounds, and Sources

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HD Tools from Service Bulletins

These are PDFs of Service Bulletins listing HD service tools available at the time with illustrations of the tools as well.

  • Click Here to download TSB #404 dated January 15, 1959.
  • Click Here to download TSB #443 dated May 12, 1961
  • Click Here tp download TSB #404B dated October 30, 1974.

Carburetor, Intake Manifold & Exhaust

Engine Control

Drilling, Tapping and Reaming

Engine Mechanicals


Hand Tools

For General Use

For Cutting Metal

For Polishing

For Measuring / Diagnostics

For Inspection / Diagnostic

Helping Hands

Lifts and Jacks

Oil Pump

Oil / Gas Drainage and Removal

Shop Tools


Transmission/Clutch & Final Drive

Wheels, Brakes & Tires


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